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02:57:31  <MylesBorins>ljharb I'm on vacation until Jan 3 and already have burned an entire day of time I was supposed to be off working on the release
02:57:39  <MylesBorins>so not very likely I'll find time, apologies
03:06:02  <ljharb>oh no worries at all, it can wait if nobody else can help in the meantime :-)
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17:06:16  <Trott>ljharb: Are your problems running `make test-npm`? Or something else?
17:10:17  <Trott>I'm not 100% we run test-npm and I kinda wonder if it's stale/broken. I get failures on master with it.
18:19:45  <ljharb>Trott: yeah i got many failures on master with it, but only 2 on my PR branch
18:20:19  <ljharb>Trott: since i followed the npm instructions verbatim i suspect that it should just be landed anyways, and the test failures investigated separately, but that's not my call to make :-)
18:24:19  <Trott>Sounds about right to me. I'm bisecting to figure out where test-npm first starts failing. But it's possible it has been broken and fixed many times, so I may not find the most recent incident... fun times.
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23:49:30  <node-slack-bot>[pedropcruz] yoyoyo! It's me! Your portuguese developer continue using frameworks and stuff for a startup, but this time, it's time for email-templating, let's see if this results! You can see more on: https://www.twitch.tv/pedropcruz
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