00:57:12  <Trott>Been pretty sweet that most of the CI failures lately have been tests that uncover actual bugs in our code (mostly that one bug in libuv that will be fixed soon--thanks ofrobots and everyone else!).
00:58:01  <Trott>Anyway, back to the fact that there have been few if any infra failures lately: Nice work, everyone!
01:44:15  <refack>Hmm you know what they say; if it ain't broke, it ain't got enough features yet
04:01:18  <rvagg>also, now that you've said it's going well it's bound to be busted soon enough
04:53:23  <Trott>I'm interested in trying to make CITGM more green, but I'm having a hard time finding failures in CITGM runs that I can easily reproduce locally. Saying this out loud in case anyone has done some work on this themselves and might offer some good advice. (refack, I am looking in your direction.)
04:53:43  <Trott>Maybe MylesBorins too?
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07:21:44  <refack>Trott: I had this idea to parse the Tap report of each package, and Mark individual flakes (most of the red in CITGM are flakes)
07:22:24  <refack>I might have a POC somewhere
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09:09:03  <MylesBorins>@trott we can chat about it this week at interactive if you like
09:09:26  <MylesBorins>we use to have a process... which was me doing it manually. So I can talk about how I use to do it :P
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18:05:08  <joaocgreis>Anyone working on win2016-6?
18:10:52  <refack>joaocgreis: probably me
18:13:07  <joaocgreis>refack: 👍 I'll leave it off then. If it's something to take more than a few days, please open an issue so we can keep track. Thanks!
18:14:03  <refack>Sure
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