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02:04:07  <joyee>test-softlayer-ubuntu1804_container-x64-1, test-softlayer-ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_container-x64-1 and test-softlayer-ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_container-x64-5 all have broken connections
02:04:21  <joyee>I'll mark them offline
02:08:32  <joyee>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linux/nodes=ubuntu1404-32/21651/console
02:08:40  <joyee>08:19:00 make[1]: *** [test-ci] Segmentation fault
02:08:46  <joyee>hmm...interesting.
02:10:09  <joyee>huh, they are running 32-bit ubuntu 1404
02:23:41  <richardlau>joyee: https://github.com/nodejs/build/pull/1498 should stop that from happening (I think that run was before the build PR landed).
02:24:12  <refack>^^^
02:24:34  <joyee>thanks, I've marked that as fixed
02:27:16  <joyee>um, wait, did someone bring the nodes back online? I think I've marked them offline again..?
02:27:35  <refack>Which nodes?
02:27:43  <joyee>test-softlayer-ubuntu1804_container-x64-1, test-softlayer-ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_container-x64-1 and test-softlayer-ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_container-x64-5
02:27:43  <refack>the ubuntu14-32?
02:29:09  <refack>I brought back only those whom I fixed... I don't remember any of those.
02:29:45  <joyee>These are docker containers on test-softlayer-ubuntu1604_docker-x64-1
02:29:50  <joyee>I cannot ssh into that one..
02:30:31  <refack>You need to hop trough their host. There's a guide https://github.com/nodejs/build/blob/master/doc/jenkins-guide.md#fixing-machines-with-docker
02:30:54  <joyee>umm, yeah, I cannot ssh into the host
02:31:05  <refack>ohh
02:31:25  <refack>it seems offline
02:31:43  <joyee>(genuinely broken connection I guess)
02:35:47  <joyee>Three PRs failed on test-digitalocean-freebsd11-x64-2: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-freebsd/20591/nodes=freebsd11-x64/console
02:36:05  <joyee>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/KzpVVDh0/
02:36:06  <refack>one is mine, it's a real fail
02:36:52  <refack>ohh, that, ofrobots was working on it, and the build tried to kill `node` procs under his user
02:37:54  <refack>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/wSSnOHIc/
02:38:15  <joyee>https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/22938
02:38:17  <joyee>This one?
02:38:19  <ofrobots>yeah, i was working on the machine earlier today. I'm done for the day though
02:38:47  <refack>ping us, we'll mark it as offline
02:39:23  <ofrobots>Do my jobs interfere with the CI?
02:39:31  <joyee>I've marked it offline now
02:39:50  <ofrobots>the flaky tests depended on system load, so I actually did want some CI to be running in parallel
02:40:09  <joyee>I think usually if we are sshing into a machine to do investigation we'd mark it offline
02:40:11  <refack>Anyway we should fix the `clear-stalled` target to only try to kill `iojs`s procs
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02:45:07  <joyee>`ps awwx -u iojs`?
02:45:40  <joyee>hmm, nope, doesn't work this way
02:46:13  <joyee>`ps -u iojs -awwx | grep out/Release/node` I guess
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02:47:31  <joyee>but then not every host is using `iojs`..?
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02:57:33  <refack>Every host uses `iojs`, we just have different `ps` in places.
02:58:08  <refack>I'm not sure they all know -u
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03:07:07  <joyee>That's what I'm thinking as well (`-u`)
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12:40:44  <Trott>Is it just me or is test-digitalocean-freebsd11-x64-2 sitting idle and we really could use it right now?
12:45:35  <refack>See last few. As long as no one is sshing there I think we can bring it online
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13:17:09  <Trott>OK, I brought it back online. ofrobots: If you ssh back in today to do some testing, please ask someone to take it offline again.
14:23:52  <ofrobots>I never asked it to be taken offline. I prefer it not to be taken offline even when I work in it.
14:27:33  <Trott>Well, maybe just let us know when you start and stop so that if something unexpected starts happening on it, we have a decent idea that it might be you? :-D
14:27:55  <Trott>(I think you *did* let us know when you were done yesterday, so not asking you to do anything that you weren't already doing I guess.)
14:40:20  <joyee>Can we get Jenkins to dedicate a worker to an user? That way if ofrobots needs some CI traffic he can start a bunch of jobs and other people will run into that worker.
14:41:12  <joyee>s/will/will not/
14:59:30  <Trott>I’d prefer that too. It would complicate things for Ali, it seems, though.
15:04:25  <refack>Possible solution: a `make` target that (1) generates load (2) warns Jenkins
15:05:29  <refack>Might be useful for the stress CI job as well
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