02:34:03  <rvagg>OK, I figured out the Pi problem, it was a DNS problem and my fault. I've re-enabled arm-fanned and it's green so far https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-binary-arm/3190/
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03:18:06  <refack>rvagg: see https://ci.nodejs.org/job/git-nodesource-update-reference/15184/console
03:18:36  <refack>Still some pis can't connt
03:19:46  <refack>P.S. I've touched that job to make it more verbose
03:21:41  <rvagg>hm, ok, let's treat that as a one-off for now and monitor the situation
03:22:11  <rvagg>can't connect with a timeout of 300 though, that's pretty bad
03:23:49  <refack>That was the simptome. Some PIs sync in second, some timeout
04:20:04  <rvagg>ok, I'm suspecting think that particular problem is not on my end but is on test-packetnet-ubuntu1604-x64-1, which is the host that's timing out
04:20:21  <rvagg>I'm going to update and reboot that host, it's got a 5-day stale node-test-commit job on it that's not stoppable, so something's up
04:23:55  <rvagg>ahhhh yeah, lots of `ssh-agent` processes on that host, that might even explain some of the slowness on the cross-compiler end which has to do uploading there
04:29:34  <rvagg>and now I'm having trouble restarting it, so something's up
04:31:48  <rvagg>back up again, but we need to keep an eye on this, something's not right and I suspect it's going to get locked up again over time with enough of these git transfers
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15:20:39  <refack>rvagg: I've disabled `node-test-commit-arm-fanned` looks like ~50% network fails
15:22:54  <refack>Sometimes within the same job https://ci.nodejs.org/job/git-nodesource-update-reference/15200/console
15:23:15  <refack>(I added a `git remote-ls` to test "light" connection)
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16:47:58  <gabrielschulhof>Hey, all! I just back-ported Anna's env cleanup hook changes to v6.x-staging because of a N-API issue we received. When I tried to run make -j5 test I get a gyp error: gyp: name 'build_v8_with_gn' is not defined while evaluating condition 'build_v8_with_gn == "true"' in binding.gyp while trying to load binding.gyp
16:48:29  <gabrielschulhof>This is weird, because that config option doesn't exist anywhere in v6.x-staging. I did a git clean -x -d -f -f to make sure there are no artefacts from before I switched branches.
16:48:36  <gabrielschulhof>Is there anything else I can clean?
16:49:07  <refack>Look at the .node-gyp cache
16:49:45  <refack>Also see what node-gyp is passing to gyp with -I
16:50:33  <refack>The error might be in an included .gyp file, not necessarily in `binding.gyp`
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17:00:23  <gabrielschulhof>refack: Yeah, I figured, because on master the setting ends up in config.gypi as a result of running configure.
17:00:56  <gabrielschulhof>refack: rm -rf ~/.node-gyp ... lessee ...
17:01:21  <gabrielschulhof>refack: Hmmm ... same issue ...
17:01:49  <node-slack-bot_>[riclau] it's also referenced in `common.gypi` (on master). Related: https://github.com/nodejs/node-gyp/issues/1457
17:02:52  <refack>Meanwhile, You could add it to common.gypi it should be safe
17:03:23  <gabrielschulhof>refack: Oh, I did that, but there are more. There's also an lto-related setting.
17:04:07  <gabrielschulhof>refack: So, I'd have to add all the settings it complains about by hand. OK, I'll do it, but it's not clean, and I don't know how the CI will work.
17:05:35  <refack>Well seems like you've leaked some new .gyp file into the old branch. That's strange
17:06:13  <gabrielschulhof>refack: git grep -nH 'build_v8_with_gn' has no results on my v6.x-staging.
17:06:34  <gabrielschulhof>refack: So, it's nowhere in the source tree, AFAICT.
17:06:40  <refack>does it search in `.` prefixed files?
17:06:53  <gabrielschulhof>It searches in all files indexed by git, AFAIK.
17:06:59  <gabrielschulhof>But I can do a find | xargs grep.
17:08:02  <refack>there are a few .* files in the root that cache GYP stuff
17:08:57  <gabrielschulhof>after a git clean -x -d -f -f, find . -type f | xargs grep -nH build_v8_with_gn from the repo root gives no results.
17:09:26  <gabrielschulhof>Yet, as a result of make test, the following is added:
17:09:27  <gabrielschulhof>./test/addons/01_function_arguments/build/config.gypi:12: "build_v8_with_gn": "false",
17:09:28  <refack>super strange
17:09:50  <refack>node-gyp pulls headers from the insternet
17:09:54  <refack>node-gyp pulls headers from the internet
17:10:06  <gabrielschulhof>OK, so those may be polluted.
17:10:19  <refack>I think it's based on the version on the running binary
17:10:27  <refack>you could pass a nodeDir=
17:10:41  <refack>export npm_config_nodeDir=
17:10:42  <refack>I think
17:10:47  <gabrielschulhof>Yeah. I'll try that next.
17:11:46  <gabrielschulhof>OK, I have rm -rf ~/.node-gyp and export npm_config_nodedir=${HOME}/node/node2 (which is where my tree is).
17:12:03  <node-slack-bot_>[riclau] make test should already be using nodedir.
17:12:13  <gabrielschulhof>OK, I may have had a stale npm_config_nodedir set in my environment.
17:12:30  <gabrielschulhof>It's good now.
17:12:35  <gabrielschulhof>Thanks for your help!
17:12:57  <refack>Yay 🏋️‍♀️
17:16:04  <gabrielschulhof>🙂
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18:46:37  <ljharb>irc-slack test, irc side
18:46:43  <node-slack-bot_>[ljharb] irc-slack test, slack side
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