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15:55:41  <Trott>Looks like maybe ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_withoutintl_x64 is continuously seg-faulting at compile time?
15:55:56  <Trott>Most recent one: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linux-containered/nodes=ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_withoutintl_x64/5401/console
15:56:56  <Trott>I suppose it's possible that a bug has been introduced into the master branch such that trying to compile without intl support segfaults, rather than this being an infra issue.
15:57:14  <refack>That's my guess
15:57:22  <Trott>Compiling without intl locally to see what happens....
15:57:31  <refack>I think we can run the same compile formula on a different machine
16:05:25  <refack>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linuxone/2637/
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16:20:59  <refack>Last job was no good
16:21:00  <refack>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linuxone/2638/nodes=rhel72-s390x/console
16:24:23  <Trott>`--without-intl` compiled without problems for me locally.
16:24:52  <refack>build the addons
16:25:08  <Trott>OOf, except that trying to run node segfaults.
16:25:23  <Trott>OK, that's a problem. Bisecting...
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17:11:48  <Trott>Would be rad if people approved and fast-tracked https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/21589 to get CI green again.
17:20:04  <Trott>If anyone wants to save a minute here and a minute there...it seems that LinuxONE takes a bit longer on average than ppcle-ubuntu1404 so maybe switching the lite job to use that (if it's not too difficult) might speed things up a hair? (Might also depend on how many hosts are in each pool and stuff like that, since lite job gets hit frequently these days.)
17:21:35  <refack>We have 3 linuxONE hosts, that's why I prefer it. We could make sure ccache is well setup, it makes a huge differance
17:22:19  <refack>(read We and I)
17:22:24  <refack>(as)
17:22:59  <Trott>3 hosts is a very good reason to prefer it.
17:23:50  <refack>Maybe if they shared the ccache and it was bigger... 🤔
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17:47:57  <ryzokuken>refack just jumped in to let you know how much I love the fact that auto login is now enabled on Jenkins
17:48:16  <refack>😄
17:48:17  <ryzokuken>it's not noticeable at times, but it feels much better
17:48:36  <ryzokuken>anyway, I would love to start working on the whole infra fail vs code fail automation
17:48:48  <ryzokuken>let me know how you want me to proceed with it
17:55:34  <Trott>I too am a big fan of the auto-login.
17:55:51  <Trott>Ooh, I wonder if the onboarding or other docs need to be updated to not tell people to click on "log in" any more.
18:46:05  <ryzokuken>13:51:36 /bin/sh: 1: node: not found
18:46:08  <ryzokuken>Infra fail?
18:46:25  <ryzokuken>Definitely not a failed test, I'd say.
18:46:28  <refack>Job?
18:47:12  <refack>It looks like something didn't work with the Makefile
18:47:28  <refack>So it might be Job config problem, or build fail
18:49:41  <ryzokuken>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linux-containered/5406/nodes=ubuntu1604_sharedlibs_withoutintl_x64/consoleFull
18:51:25  <refack>This is related to the regression we talked about ^^^
18:51:25  <refack>The actual fail is a a line above
18:51:25  <refack>`13:51:36 Segmentation fault (core dumped)`
18:51:43  <refack>So code error
18:54:23  <ryzokuken>refack [ -x ./node ] && ./node tools/doc/addon-verify.js || node tools/doc/addon-verify.js is what must have failed, right?
18:55:29  <refack>Yeah, with that problem we end up with a node binary that always segfaults. `node tools/doc/addon-verify.js` is the first test of the built binary
18:55:55  <refack>https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/21589
19:07:39  <Trott>I'm off to lunch for a bit, but if the final CI for Linux comes back green while I'm gone, feel free to land. I wouldn't recommend canceling because of a seemingly-stuck fedora-latest-x64 per my comments, but you may know things about that particular job that I don't.
19:08:20  <refack>Yeah, Ok
19:10:44  <ryzokuken>refack should I just try rerunning?
19:14:29  <refack>ryzokuken: `master` is broken ATM, so wait for #21589 to land, then rebase
19:14:45  <ryzokuken>refack sure
19:14:51  <refack>Or rebase on 759809f67421bdceff9a6799424f5b7d191c458f
19:14:59  <refack>LKGR
20:11:54  <Trott>Fascinating. https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linux/19847/nodes=ubuntu1604-32/console is taking over an hour but it's not stuck. It's just slowwwwww.
20:18:09  <Trott>ryzokuken and everyone else: The fix has landed. Master should be green again.
20:18:16  <Trott>Now time to re-run a bunch of failed CIs. :-D
20:18:48  <ryzokuken>awesome!
20:18:58  <ryzokuken>thanks for the heads up, Trott!
20:25:21  <ryzokuken>> Now time to re-run a bunch of failed CIs. :-D
20:25:22  <ryzokuken>Do you mean that you're re-running failed CIs?
20:25:30  <ryzokuken>Should I not rerun mine myself?
20:26:26  <Trott>You should re-run yours yourself.
20:26:42  <Trott>I meant that it was time for me and everyone else to do it, not just me. :-D
20:40:58  <Trott>Looks like Resume Build from node-test-pull-request does a rebase, so I think that's the way to go.
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