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07:27:36  <lucalanziani>Ca9311
07:29:37  <lucalanziani>time to change my password :facepalm:
07:30:16  <lucalanziani>when black screen doesn't mean lockscreen...
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09:49:06  <joyee>maclover7: if you are around...how can one see the test failures from the blue ocean pipeline UI?
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11:19:59  <refack>I think we need to add a test&atrifacts stage to the pipeline - https://jenkins.io/doc/pipeline/tour/tests-and-artifacts/
11:20:24  <refack>Otherwise it's only visible in the "classic" view or in the log
11:37:46  <maclover7>refack: will do
11:38:06  <maclover7>joyee: if you've got time around 9:30am EST, we can fix up the github teams stuff
11:38:14  <maclover7>it's on the long list of stuff I want to do, but don't have access
11:38:26  <maclover7>I believe you have to be an org owner to manage teams
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11:39:42  <joyee>maclover7: um, you mean about an hour and a half later? I will be around that time
11:40:24  <joyee>Right, two hours to be exact
11:42:19  <maclover7>yeah, I've got like 30-45 mins starting at 9:30 EST
11:45:32  <refack>maclover7: RE test aggregation: I already migrated the linuxone job to JUnit, so it just need aggregation (not sure how). converting the linter to JUnit needs code changes, since it does not even generate valid TAP (https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/720)
12:22:13  <maclover7>yeah test aggregation is something we'll have to figure out
12:22:22  <maclover7>at least blue ocean shows links to the sub jobs it triggers
12:22:25  <maclover7> so there's that
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13:37:47  <joyee>maclover7: I am around if you need me
13:38:30  <maclover7>joyee: alright cool
13:38:58  <maclover7>you got like 10 or so minutes to move all of the random github teams to be child teams of nodejs/build in the github ui?
13:39:27  <maclover7>shouldn't take too long
13:40:11  <joyee>maclover7: hmm, I am not sure what you meant?
13:40:37  <maclover7>right now all of the build teams (nodejs/jenkins-admins, nodejs/jenkins-release-admins, etc.) are all separate github teams
13:40:47  <maclover7>can we move all of those teams to be "child" teams of nodejs/build
13:40:53  <maclover7>so it's easier to understand how they relate
13:41:08  <joyee>So moving them would give them the access that build has
13:41:44  <maclover7>they already have access to what build has
13:41:52  <maclover7>nodejs/build is the "largest" team
13:41:58  <maclover7>and it gets narrower and narrower from there
13:42:06  <joyee>I mean the GitHub access
13:42:31  <maclover7>here's what it should look like: https://gist.github.com/maclover7/a38ab87d981a11665b11baa476f09eab
13:42:42  <maclover7>yeah they'd get what build currently has
13:42:58  <maclover7>but everyone that's a jenkins-admins member is already part of build
13:43:30  <joyee>Shouldn’t we ask on GitHub first before actually pushing the button?
13:43:59  <maclover7>not sure what you mean
13:44:15  <maclover7>moving everything to be a child team would just be a ui thing, wouldn't affect access at all
13:45:02  <joyee>There is write access to repos, GitHub would warn when I move teams
13:45:53  <joyee>So I would usually ask on GitHub first before managing the teams
13:46:05  <maclover7>Ahh I didn't realize it might play with the repos
13:46:41  <maclover7>Yeah then probably good to ask
13:46:44  <maclover7>first
13:47:40  <joyee>I think we can propose on the build issue https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/1331 ?
13:49:20  <joyee>If you don't mind waiting, build WG can review it in the meeting, if it's approved in the build meeting I think it's enough
13:49:20  <maclover7>Yeah that sounds good
13:49:31  <maclover7>Yeah
13:49:36  <maclover7>I was trying to see if we could handle it before the meeting
13:49:40  <maclover7>the agenda's getting crowded
13:50:12  <joyee>I see, but we usually ask before taking actions in org administration
13:50:37  <joyee>Even just for the record
13:51:28  <joyee>maclover7: also since we are here, how about infra/release? Should we keep one team for that?
13:51:43  <joyee>There's not much difference AFAICT
13:52:05  <maclover7>joyee: yeah they (basically) have the same members
13:52:15  <maclover7>it's a legacy thing they are separate
13:52:25  <maclover7>part of the issue is that a bunch of the people who are on the teams are inactive
13:52:33  <joyee>I think infra is enough, nodejs/release is its own team
13:52:41  <maclover7>and we need someone from that team to make the changes as far as the gpg secrets
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13:53:23  <maclover7>this is the case with a lot of things with the build wg
13:53:26  <joyee>I have already put build-files under nodejs/core per the discussion in the reliability repo
13:53:42  <maclover7>that people who want to help with stuff don't have access, and the people who have access are inactive :(
13:53:47  <joyee>That's where the subsystem teams are
13:53:53  <maclover7>oh good idea with nodejs/build-files
13:54:00  <maclover7>in theory it's "just another subsystem"
13:54:11  <joyee>exactly
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13:54:38  <maclover7>👍
13:57:14  <joyee>Also, is there any Jenkins ACL attached to the release admins? My guess is no since there are no teams for that anyway
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13:59:38  <maclover7>joyee: by Jenkins ACL do you mean who can trigger jobs?
14:01:30  <joyee>Yes, the checkboxes
14:02:15  <joyee>I think currently the release admins is just a concept in the README and the secrets folder...
14:03:13  <maclover7>IIRC anyone who is in nodejs/jenkins-release-admins has full control over ci-release
14:03:23  <maclover7>and people who are in nodejs/releasers can trigger jobs
14:03:45  <maclover7>I'm technically only in "test" but have had to help with infra/release tasks in past
14:21:30  <mylesborins>joyee there is acl connected to release
14:21:53  <joyee>mylesborins: do you mean `nodejs/release`?
14:22:23  <mylesborins>yes
14:22:30  <mylesborins>there is release and a sub team releasers
14:22:43  <mylesborins>and there is specific ACL in jenkins to give releasers team access to specific things
14:22:48  <joyee>By the "release admins" I meant the people in https://github.com/nodejs/build#release-admins
14:23:01  <joyee>Which does not seem to be related to `nodejs/release`
14:23:15  <joyee>(which is why it's confusing)
14:23:29  <mylesborins>ahhh
14:23:30  <mylesborins>nvm
14:23:31  * mylesborinssteps back slowly
14:23:32  <mylesborins>:D
14:23:33  <mylesborins>it is not related to release
14:23:34  <mylesborins>that is part of build
14:23:38  <joyee>Yeah
14:24:07  <joyee>Kind of weird that we have a "release admins" which is not related to the releasers or the release team
14:25:29  <mylesborins>I think it is just a naming issue
14:25:32  <mylesborins>these are the folks that have access to the release infra
14:25:32  <joyee>In practice it's basically the same as "infra admins", so I proposed to merge it with infra admins in https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/1331 at least it's clear that infra admins are the people who have access to certificates and service provider account credentials
14:25:43  <mylesborins>it is a smaller group than infra admins though
14:25:58  <mylesborins>the idea is that the funnel keeps getting smaller with release admins being the smallest
14:25:59  <joyee>It's the same in the secrets folder
14:26:06  <joyee>Only different in the README
14:26:31  <joyee>mhdawson is not in the README, but in the secrets folder of release
14:26:49  <mylesborins>hmmm
14:27:23  <joyee>And then there are no teams attached to the list in the README.....
14:27:29  <mylesborins>that seems like a bigger issue with membership to be taken up with the build team imho
14:28:12  <joyee>Yeah, activity, access and membership do not match
14:28:37  <joyee>I added to the agenda of next build meeting
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17:16:46  <mylesborins>dhey hey
17:16:55  <mylesborins>I just noticed that the github bot is auto starting a minimal CI job
17:17:01  <mylesborins>is that only for collaborator PRs or for all PRs?
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17:28:30  <maclover7>mylesborins: collaborator PRs only
17:29:04  <maclover7>was rolled out a couple of days ago
17:29:16  <mylesborins>just noticed. Was this something discussed more broadly with build / security?
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17:29:44  <maclover7>it only runs linuxone and the linter so it's "quick"
17:29:51  <mylesborins>to be clear, I think this is a good addition... it just is not in line with some prior decisions we had made, so seems like giving a heads up to people would be good
17:29:59  <maclover7>and only runs on collaborator PRs, since they could technically start the builds themselves anyways
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17:31:21  <maclover7>mylesborins: worth an announcement in the TSC meeting?
17:31:39  <maclover7>also are you able to come to the build meeting tomorrow
17:34:57  <mylesborins>I think pinging tsc + security-wg is a good idea
17:35:00  <mylesborins>what time is meeting tomorrow?
17:35:36  <maclover7>build wg?
17:35:38  <maclover7>4pm est iirc
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18:15:57  <ryzokuken>ping
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18:16:08  <ryzokuken>OSX fails near instantly with a Java Error
18:16:14  <ryzokuken>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-osx/19221/
18:16:22  <ryzokuken>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-osx/19220/
18:16:26  <ryzokuken>once before as well
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19:21:03  <mylesborins>maclover7 I can't make 4 EDT, two meetings already scheduled
19:21:04  <mylesborins>sorry
19:21:15  <mylesborins>if there are specific questions you had for me I can respond in the meeting issue
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21:10:40  <evanlucas>Hi friends, anyone around to lock down CI for the security release?
21:12:33  <maclover7>evanlucas: yep
21:12:36  <maclover7>Lock it down now?
21:13:08  <evanlucas>yes please, the release will be going out tomorrow. We should probably open an issue on nodejs/node?
21:13:34  <maclover7>Yep, I'm working on an issue in nodejs/build right now
21:14:11  <evanlucas>or should we post to the collaborators discussion?
21:14:28  <maclover7>hmm let me look and see what we did last time
21:16:22  <maclover7>ok, ci-public has been locked down, only nodejs/releasers and nodejs/jenkins-admins have access
21:16:27  <maclover7>evanlucas: can you confirm still works for you
21:16:48  <evanlucas>yes, wfm right now
21:17:51  <maclover7>ok cool
21:17:56  <maclover7>creating issue/posting now
21:18:47  <evanlucas>cool thanks!
21:19:03  <maclover7>np
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21:19:41  <maclover7>ok cool, everything should be set
21:19:55  <maclover7>evanlucas: is there any estimate re: timing
21:20:11  <maclover7>there have been issues recently getting nodejs.org updates to publish
21:20:30  <evanlucas>like 24h from now if I had to guess
21:21:33  <maclover7>ok
21:21:43  <maclover7>just so that way the website will hopefully be up to date when people are checking for the post
21:23:34  <evanlucas>yea, for sure
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21:44:42  <maclover7>evanlucas: do you know if special release docs for security releases exist anywhere
21:44:48  <maclover7>I know there's https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/doc/releases.md, but that's a general guide
21:46:12  <evanlucas>No, I don't think there are
21:49:05  <evanlucas>There isn't really much difference tbh. We don't don't open the PR on nodejs/node
21:49:20  <maclover7>Yeah, no big deal
21:49:32  <maclover7>I'm adding build wg docs about how to reconfigure the jenkins auth stuff
21:49:37  <maclover7>so figured would be good to link
22:09:14  <maclover7>FYI emailed a bunch of inactive members of the WG to see if they were still interested in contributing
22:09:32  <maclover7>If don't hear back in a few days or so, then I guess remove access?
22:09:40  <maclover7>Trott: curious what the workflow has been for collaborator emeriti
22:20:15  <Trott>maclover7: There is no official policy (yet--joyee and a few others have been suggesting there ought to be) but the way it's been working is this:
22:22:14  <Trott>Once a year, I look through the commit log and see who has no commits in the last two years. I may or may not remove obvious "still involved" folks (for example, people who review lots of PRs or land them but don't commit themselves). I email the folks asking if they wish to be Emeritus or not. (This year, there were 8 people. 2 asked to stay active on the correct grounds that they review pull requests.
22:22:23  <Trott>1 said moving them to Emeritus was the right thing.)
22:24:07  <Trott>For the remaining no-responses, I email TSC. I propose emailing them again and moving to Emeritus if there's no response again. The TSC typically gives a 👍 to that
22:24:15  <Trott>So that's where we are.
22:25:45  <Trott>Joyee has a more sophisticated tool, I believe, that doesn't just check commits but can also check metadata (so PR reviews) and that sort of thing.
22:27:26  <maclover7>Trott: makes sense
22:27:40  <maclover7>I had just emailed a bunch of people I hadn't seen around the repo in my time on the wg
22:27:47  <maclover7>one of the emails bounced, which is uh, not a great sign
22:27:57  * jaywonquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:28:19  <maclover7>I'm hoping one of these days we can remove access for the inactive folks, and then cycle ssh keys before we onboard the new recruits
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23:45:15  <evanlucas>maclover7 just to confirm, is CI open to all collaborators? Or only releasers and security?
23:47:09  <maclover7>evanlucas: CI is only open to nodejs/releasers and build WG admins right now
23:47:31  <maclover7>so should be okay to start testing sec release
23:47:45  <evanlucas>awesome
23:47:47  <evanlucas>thanks!
23:48:12  <maclover7>no problem
23:48:20  <maclover7>once release is out, CI can be opened back up, right?
23:48:24  <evanlucas>yes
23:48:43  <maclover7>👍
23:48:48  <maclover7>ok
23:49:08  <evanlucas>uhhh so problem
23:49:20  <evanlucas>looks like CI cannot hit the private repo
23:49:47  <maclover7>hmm
23:49:55  <maclover7>can you private message me the link to the job
23:49:59  <evanlucas>yes
23:53:51  <refack>I believe we should have credential stored in Jenkins for accessing the private repo, but they have been unset from default use
23:54:15  <refack>And then again I might be wrong since AFAIK we did not test this after the move of the private repo
23:54:47  <maclover7>refack: I've tried one or two of the credentials available, they don't seem to be working
23:54:50  <maclover7>mylesborins: you around?
23:55:01  <evanlucas>ah yea, I was about to say...this used to work lol
23:55:26  <refack>I'll take a quick look
23:55:32  <maclover7>not sure if we've done a sec release since the move to the nodejs-private org
23:55:41  <maclover7>refack: the node-private credential doesn't work
23:55:50  <evanlucas>When did that move happen? The last security release was March iirc
23:55:54  <maclover7>there's only one more left I haven't tried
23:57:11  <maclover7>yeah no dice
23:57:12  <maclover7>hmmm
23:57:21  <maclover7>did we use to have a separate job for testing the private org?
23:57:28  <refack>need to change the schema from https to ssh
23:58:03  * juggernaut451quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:58:42  <maclover7>refack: ahh good idea, changing the config now
23:59:13  * juggernaut451joined
23:59:14  <maclover7>evanlucas: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-pull-request/15409/ should do the trick I think
23:59:50  <evanlucas>that appears to have failed as well