20:42:48  <Trott>refack: Yeah, I restarted them but with 1/10th as many requested runs so they won't be as long-running...
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21:07:58  <refack>Trott: what's the "Commit Queue Prototyping Team" RE: https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/705 (I know I wasn't the first)
21:08:20  <ljharb>also ugh, are we really revisiting having a commit queue
21:08:23  <refack>P.S. how do we defragment the knowledge base?
21:09:14  <Trott>ljharb: I'm surprised to hear you have a strong negative opinion about it. I'd be interested to know why.
21:09:41  <refack>I assume so for the Umpteenth time... I know there was a nice list of requirments somewhere
21:10:21  <refack>I think the most important one is having it non-exclusive, so it will be opt-in-helper-only
21:10:23  <ljharb>Trott: because i worked at twitter and we had one
21:10:50  <ljharb>Trott: to be fair, i think the current way node core commits are landed is also terrible because it doesn't do proper merges, so PRs look closed instead of merged :-(
21:11:13  <ljharb>Trott: but outside of an irc grumble, i don't have room on my plate to really get involved either :-/
21:11:13  <Trott>refack: It's probably poorly named (I was jotting down notes), but it's basically trying to come up with some way to make landing PRs less of a burden and to motivate people to keep CI/tests in a usable state.
21:11:33  * jaywonquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:11:51  <Trott>You'd be great for it, if you want to help out.
21:11:58  * jaywonjoined
21:12:02  <ljharb>thanks :-) i'm way too overextended as it is tho
21:12:11  <Trott>I was talking to refack, sorry.
21:12:20  <ljharb>ah ok then i take back my thanks
21:12:30  <ljharb>:-p
21:12:31  <refack>Obv... apparently I already started :D the plugin i messed up knows how to merge
21:12:44  <Trott>lol
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21:18:21  <Trott>refack: Is it OK if I delete "can one of the admins verify this patch" from you anywhere I see it?
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21:19:09  <refack>Sure. I'm working on script to do that, but until it's ready...
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22:29:15  <refack>I think I got them all
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