00:23:36  <Trott>Something wrong with CI? Can't seem to start any stress jobs.
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01:16:32  <maclover7>looks like queue is all messed up
01:16:34  <maclover7>128 jobs waiting
01:16:35  <maclover7>http://node-build-monitor.herokuapp.com/
01:16:43  <maclover7>rvagg: something's up with the pis
01:24:46  <maclover7>now up to 147 jobs in queue
01:25:00  <maclover7>killed a bunch of phantom stress test jobs, hopefully helping
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10:53:02  <rvagg>I've cleaned up a bunch of jobs as well, I guess they were "phantom", it says they are running but they are either completely stalled or there is no build page for them when you click through.
10:53:57  <rvagg>here's a tip for anyone with jenkins-admin perms if things look stalled: go through the list of running builds on the left side of the main page and click through to any build that has a progress bar far to the right, if it's been running for more than a few hours or the page doesn't exist, kill it
10:56:57  <rvagg>I'd really like to figure out the cause of some of these phantoms, I tried to dig into it today but have run out of time
10:57:35  <rvagg>the post-build-update job, or whatever its called, seemed to be causing problems last week when we were having similar issues, heaps of them banked up, killing a few seemed to ease the strain
10:57:52  <rvagg>I don't see evidence of that now, however, so it might be more of a symptom than a cause
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11:40:39  <rvagg>queue has mostly drained, looking pretty healthy
11:40:42  <rvagg>💤
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17:03:13  <Trott>I'm still unable to start a Pi 1 stress job. rvagg maclover7
17:05:34  <Trott>Sometimes, it appears briefly on the left and then vanishes.
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17:06:14  <Trott>Pi 2, same result.
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19:30:34  <Trott>Can't seem to start *any* tasks on node-stress-single-test regardless of OS.
19:32:59  <Trott>Is it OK for me to use ""Wipe Out Current Workspace" to see if that gets things unstuck?
19:33:44  <Trott>I went ahead and did it, figuring it's extremely unlikely to make anything *worse*....
19:35:58  <Trott>Alas, that didn't fix it, though...
19:36:44  <Trott>Build queue is empty.
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20:35:04  <joaocgreis>Trott: same thing here.. never seen this before, it just ignores the build command. The only thing I can think of is to restart Jenkins, but there are citgm and benchmark jobs running and I don't know how long they will take. I don't know if this still works and is up to date and all, but why not try https://ci.nodejs.org/view/All/job/node-stress-single-test-pi1-fanned/ ?
21:05:23  <Trott>I was looking for that job joaocgreis! Not sure why I couldn't find it! Anyway, that's working, so cool! Thank you!
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22:29:03  <rvagg>I think CI is due for a restart, I'll do that in a few hours during quiet time
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22:29:25  <rvagg>some workers are taking longer than they should do, aix and arn-wheezy are two I'm seeing that are concerning
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23:26:22  <rvagg>I think I've fixed the arm-wheezy worker that was causing problems
23:26:26  <rvagg>aix still backed up