01:29:18  <rvagg>so, I think part of hte problem we have with Jenkins at the moment is that we have way more parallel stuff happening now to get a single CI job through, so the "jenkins-workspace" machines have to do way more work but we've only allocated 20 executors each. I've bumped that to 40 and that seems to have unblocked a bunch of stuff but perhaps we need to throw a new workspace machine at this because those servers are
01:29:18  <rvagg>pretty heavily loaded. I'll wait and see what "normal" looks like because perhaps this is only occasional spiking
02:07:55  <rvagg>I've added another workspace server, test-softlayer-ubuntu1604-x64-1
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14:54:10  <Trott>Glad to see stuff working again on CI. I'm still unable to start a stress test job. It just vanishes from the queue.
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