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00:22:27  <rvagg>Trott: do you happen to have more examples of that first failure? do you know if it happens on the same addon build each time or does it switch around?
00:23:28  <Trott>rvagg, not sure, but let me do a quick search....
00:33:26  <rvagg>something's really funky with that output, test_constructor is mixed up with 08_void_atexitcallback_args in the napi addon tests, not sure if that's a hint of the problem or a facet of `make -j`
00:34:29  <rvagg>it's test_constructor that's failing but it looks like it's failing within 08_void_atexitcallback_args
00:35:19  <Trott>rvagg: I went through all the node-test-commit-linux failures on debian8-x86 that we still have on Jenkins and couldn't find another failure like that one. Doesn't mean it's not happening on other operating systems or something, but it's clearly not happening a lot, at least not on debian8-x86.
00:36:12  <Trott>Or if it is happening a lot, the end result doesn't resemble that run.
00:47:25  <rvagg>Trott my guess is that it's timing related, probably showing up on the faster machines so it's likely to be on multiple Linuxes
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09:22:41  <seishun>rvagg: how's https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/1034 going?
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18:33:19  <Trott>maclover7 and anyone else working on the CI-reporting widget bot thing: I notice that it gives false positives in some cases. I'll see if I can get a screen cap but right now you can see it with SmartOS on https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/17827. It says it passed but actually it's pending.
18:33:47  <Trott>Oops, now it says pending in the widget.
18:35:22  <Trott>Anyway, what was going on is that the two smratos14 builds had already reported green, because they do that pretty much immediately on builds like this where they're not supported. Meanwhile, the smartos15 builds hadn't started yet. The servers were busy with other jobs and hadn't started building yet for this task. So the widget showed green until finally one of the servers started building for this job.
18:35:33  <Trott>Seems like a super minor issue and I'm not worried about it myself, but if you're a perfectionist, there you go.
18:38:01  <maclover7>Trott: yeah, that's a known bug for how CI statuses post
18:38:36  <maclover7>jenkins sends a status to github when any arch finishes (like you said, the two smrtos14)
18:38:48  <maclover7>sadly there's not really a fix for that, it's kinda how it has to be :(
18:41:21  <Trott>...unless we want to submit a patch to Jenkins, perhaps. :-D
18:42:12  <Trott>...or replace Jenkins with a Node.js setup, which people (who are not involved in Build WG typically) propose from time to time but we never get anywhere with because it's soooooo much more work than anyone thinks it will be. But I digress.
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22:58:20  <maclover7>hehe
22:58:40  <maclover7>the hardest part of jenkins to rebuild would be the actual agent running on the machine
22:58:58  <maclover7>everything else on the central jenkins server wouldn't be too bad
22:59:11  <maclover7>.... better stop talking now before I commit myself to doing this :P
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