22:28:08  <rvagg>looking
22:32:00  <rvagg>tried running it again and got the same error on michael's pi, weird!
22:36:37  <maclover7>while speaking about the irc logger, should that be transferred to the foundation / build wg?
22:37:39  <refack>https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/libuv/SJO_I83ZvHc
22:46:42  <rvagg>mylesborins: managed to update the mirror shared on those machines, also tried a git config option that I found on stackoverflow, got it building now https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/2218/nodes=pi1-raspbian-wheezy/console
22:46:59  <rvagg>I reckon GitHub might share some blame here in this instance, hopefully just a temporary thing
22:47:28  <rvagg>mylesborins: i.e. you'll get armv6l builds in staging eventually, they're building on 2218 (alone)
22:49:50  * lanceballchanged nick to lance|afk
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