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14:40:31  <refack>something's strage with https://ci.nodejs.org/label/pi3-raspbian-jessie/load-statistics
14:41:04  <refack>the ones that are supposedly online are doing "Unknown Task"
16:40:21  <Trott>rvagg mhdawson_ jbergstroem Is there any chance that the recent change to ubuntu1404-arm64 is responsible for the consistent CI failures we're seeing being discussed in https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/13603? Sure seems like the timing corresponds with the host starting to fail 100% of the time...
16:41:20  <Trott>In any event, can I get a login to test-packetnet-ubuntu1604-arm64-2 or similar so I can investigate?
17:07:24  <Trott>(Also `ansible-playbook ansible/playbooks/write-ssh-config.yml --limit localhost` is not working for me on current build repo master. Should it be? I'm getting `ERROR! no action detected in task. This often indicates a misspelled module name, or incorrect module path.`)
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19:17:29  <gibfahn>Trott: I think you just do `ansible-playbook ansible/playbooks/write-ssh-config.yml` without the limit
19:17:48  <Trott>gibfahn: Tried that too. Same error. :-\
19:18:20  <gibfahn>Ohh
19:18:23  <gibfahn>Try cd ansible
19:18:51  <Trott>Nope.
19:18:53  <gibfahn>You have to run it from inside the ansible directory
19:19:04  <Trott>Yeah, was doing that.
19:19:16  <Trott>Waid...
19:19:18  <Trott>*Wait....
19:19:23  <Trott>Guess I wasn't doing that.
19:19:25  <Trott>Just tried it.
19:19:27  <Trott>It worked.
19:19:28  <Trott>Dang.
19:19:29  <Trott>Sorry, thanks!
19:19:35  <gibfahn>I spent like 10 minutes doing that wrong in my induction
19:19:45  <gibfahn>So it stuck in my mind ;)
19:19:54  <Trott>(Was going to copy/paste the whole error. I could *swear* I was in that dir. But I guess not.)
19:19:58  <Trott>Thanks!
19:20:22  <Trott>I'm going to create a shell alias for myself now that cd's to the right directory and runs the command so I don't do this again. :-0D
19:21:01  <gibfahn>Good idea
19:21:20  <gibfahn>I get ` [WARNING]: Host file not found: /etc/ansible/hosts`, which I guess should tell you it didn't find a ./inventory.yml
19:21:33  <Trott>Yeah, I get warnings, but it works. :-D
19:21:38  <gibfahn>Awesome
19:23:30  <Trott>Oh, wait, I don'g even get that warning. I'm so unreliable on reporting this stuff I should always just copy/paste everything into a snippet.
19:23:53  <gibfahn>I think I get that because I don't have an `/etc/ansible/hosts`
19:24:26  <Trott>Heh, I don't have /etc/ansible/ either.
19:25:34  <Trott>Anyway, that unfortunately doesn't put an entry in my .ssh/config for test-packetnet-ubuntu1604-arm64-2.
19:25:36  <gibfahn>I give up, we've exhausted my ansible knowledge :)
19:25:43  <gibfahn>Yeah, Rodd hasn't added them to the inventory
19:26:10  <Trott>Well, I'll try editing one of the mininodes entries and hope it works....
19:26:39  <Trott>(Gotta get the right IP, though...)
19:26:48  <gibfahn>Yeah, how do you do that?
19:26:51  <gibfahn>I have no idea
19:27:01  <Trott>Yeah, I'm gonna try to figure it out, I guess. :-D
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19:33:51  <gibfahn>ssh -i ~/.ssh/nodejs_build_test root@
19:34:20  <gibfahn>Trott: I used `println "ip route get".execute().text` in the script console
19:36:50  <Trott>Thanks, @gibfahn! (I'm utterly unaware of a script console.)
19:37:59  <gibfahn>You might not have access...
19:38:30  <gibfahn>Basically allows you to run commands on the machine, instead of having to create a new job just to run `whoami` or whatever.
19:39:09  <Trott>Works, I'm in, thanks!
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