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14:24:12  <qbit>pewpew
14:24:45  <jbergstroem>hey!
14:25:01  <jbergstroem>i had a thought about the new ansible structure. perhaps it makes sense to introduce a 'install' step
14:25:06  <jbergstroem>prior bootstrap
14:26:05  <jbergstroem>do you have a step-by-step ish guide for automating installing openbsd on any of the cloud providers that sponsors us? do, rackspace, softlayer, joyent
14:27:24  <qbit>i can make one
14:30:10  <qbit>if something supports custom tftp boot stuff, it would be fairly easy
14:35:44  * Fishrock123joined
14:39:27  <qbit>i would like to get support on joyent, is there a repo that has boot scripts used for freebsd images?
14:39:30  <qbit>i can port that to open
14:40:21  <qbit>nm, https://github.com/joyent/me-freebsd
14:41:40  <qbit>hm, it has bins in it
15:06:08  <qbit>https://github.com/joyent/openbsd-kvm-image-builder
15:07:35  <chorrell>hi
15:07:56  <chorrell>https://github.com/joyent/freebsd-kvm-image-builder
15:08:08  <chorrell>^ is what you are looking for
15:08:27  <chorrell>what we use for the FreeBSD 11.x images
15:09:20  <qbit>chorrell: actually the openbsd one is exactly what i was looking for :D
15:09:28  <qbit>now i don't need the freebsd one
15:09:29  <chorrell>it's experimental
15:09:38  <chorrell>we don't actually have an OpenBSD image
15:09:42  <chorrell>(yet)
15:09:45  <qbit>yep
15:10:08  <qbit>i'd like to help get it out of experimental if i can
15:10:10  <chorrell>the boot scripts more than likely have issues
15:10:36  <chorrell>https://github.com/joyent/freebsd-kvm-image-builder/issues/1
15:11:15  <chorrell>I've been having a hard time auotomating the install process for a custom ISO
15:12:48  <qbit>is there a way i can setup for testing on my own smartos box?
15:13:15  <chorrell>sure
15:14:49  <chorrell>the install part is pretty much the blocker at this point
15:14:59  <chorrell>it's preventing me from creating anything usable I can test
15:16:49  <qbit>i am k
15:16:53  <qbit>heh
15:17:02  <qbit>k, i will hack on it
15:17:15  <qbit>gotta dig out a box i can fire up smartos on first
15:17:38  <chorrell>so for what Im stuck on, it's the creating a custom ISO part
15:17:48  <chorrell>you don't need SmartOS for that
15:18:00  <chorrell>just an OpenBSD box or a VM
15:18:08  <chorrell>to run create-iso
15:18:13  <qbit>oh, well i have plenty of those
15:19:06  <chorrell>if you can figure out a way to have the installer shutdown the instance gracfully after the install is complete, that would unblock me
15:23:15  <qbit>k, the install.site part runs prior to doing MAKEDEV and installing bootblocks
15:23:19  <qbit>it's also in a chroot
15:24:35  <qbit>line 2627 of https://cvsweb.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/src/distrib/miniroot/install.sub?rev=1.1004&content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup
15:27:19  <chorrell>right so running halt in a chroot isn't going to do what I want...
15:27:28  <qbit>right
15:27:57  <qbit>i think the best would be to take what is in install.site and append it to /mnt/etc/rc.firsttime
15:28:00  <chorrell>what about auto_install.conf?
15:28:05  <chorrell>ah
15:28:06  <qbit>that will run after the reboot
15:28:24  <chorrell>ok, I'll need to play around with that a bit
15:29:02  <qbit>cool, i will play here too
15:29:36  <chorrell>so install.site could just create a /etc/rc.firsttime file
15:29:37  <chorrell>ok
15:30:40  <qbit>well, rc.firsttime gets created via the installer, so you will have to append
15:31:04  <chorrell>ah, ok good to know
15:31:20  <qbit>does a few things (sysmerge, fw_update and maybe more)
15:36:47  <chorrell>probably a good time to mention next week is my last week at joyent
15:37:05  <chorrell>I'll take this as far as I can, but I will more than likely need to hand off to someone else at some point
15:39:41  <qbit>oh, crazy - k
15:40:52  <chorrell>(there's no drama, just time for a change)
15:43:39  <qbit>i feel that
15:44:06  <qbit>i am currently a lawnmower at oracle
15:44:18  <qbit>but i make up for it by conributing to openbsd >.>
15:44:54  <chorrell>:)
15:45:09  <jbergstroem>:]
15:45:48  <jbergstroem>chorrell: hope to see that openbsd image land beforehand :-)
15:46:01  <chorrell>I'll try
15:46:45  <qbit>:D
15:48:10  * qbitdigs out a spare i7 box
16:31:01  <chorrell>I think I'm making some progress
16:32:43  <qbit>woo
16:45:26  <qbit>chorrell: re 5e28e717aa2afb0fecccfc59649b5ccad471ef76
16:45:39  <chorrell>link please
16:45:40  <qbit>if you plan on installing packages, xsets will need to be there
16:46:14  <qbit>https://github.com/joyent/openbsd-kvm-image-builder/commit/5e28e717aa2afb0fecccfc59649b5ccad471ef76
16:46:36  <chorrell>oh
16:46:39  <chorrell>ok thanks
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16:47:07  <chorrell>it should be installed by default
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18:12:35  * qbitneeds more ethernet cables
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19:36:03  <qbit>chorrell: you guys should sign your downloads :D
19:36:16  <chorrell>?
19:36:45  <chorrell>which downloads?
19:37:04  <qbit>for smartos - sorry
19:37:29  <chorrell>oh that, not really my area, but yeah probably
19:38:31  <qbit>is there a person on irc that is? :D
19:43:12  <chorrell>here, probably not but #smartos
19:43:39  <chorrell>Does https://github.com/joyent/openbsd-kvm-image-builder/blob/master/triton-openbsd-guesttools/lib/smartdc/format-secondary-disk look sane to you?
19:44:58  <chorrell>seems to fail when it's run
19:49:42  <qbit>sd1 will be raw? if so sd1a won't exist until it has a partition
19:50:02  <qbit>well, i guess the dev entry will
19:50:10  <qbit>so nm :P
19:51:56  <qbit>looks good, where is it failing?
19:53:39  <chorrell>here
19:53:41  <chorrell>newfs: sd1: No such file or directory
19:53:53  <chorrell>https://github.com/virtua-network/freebsd-kvm-image-builder/blob/openbsd_6_0/triton-openbsd-guesttools/lib/smartdc/format-secondary-disk#L72
19:54:11  <chorrell>then later on
19:54:15  <chorrell> fsck -y -t ffs sd1a seems to freeze
19:56:24  <qbit>ah, should be "newfs sd1a"
19:56:40  <qbit>me thinks
19:57:33  <chorrell>ha, yeah
19:57:40  <chorrell>just caught that myself
20:00:45  <chorrell>yeah, that was the issue, dumb typo
20:00:48  <chorrell>cool, thanks!
20:00:57  <qbit>woo
20:01:31  <qbit>np :D
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20:17:12  <chorrell>so I guess rc.firsttime can actually be added with rc.local instead of adding via install.site
20:17:35  <chorrell>I mean added beforehand
20:17:41  <chorrell>hmm
20:21:46  <qbit>could, but then you would have to add stuff to remove it from rc.local, or it would get re-added every bootup
20:22:06  <chorrell>oh, sorry
20:22:47  <chorrell>what I mean is: I can include it as a file here: https://github.com/joyent/openbsd-kvm-image-builder/tree/master/triton-openbsd-guesttools/etc
20:22:55  <chorrell>rather than use install.site
20:23:28  <qbit>oh, ya
20:23:32  * mylesborinsquit (Excess Flood)
20:23:34  <chorrell>that gets added as site*dist file
20:23:41  <chorrell>that would be a lot cleaner actually
20:23:45  <qbit>just copy it to /mnt/etc/ before the install finishes
20:23:48  <qbit>ya
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21:10:02  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: any idea whast going on at rackspace/windows?
21:10:38  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: yes, I'm changing 3 servers to VS2017
21:10:49  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: ah cool thanks
21:10:54  <joaocgreis>will bring them back online after testing
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