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04:12:50  <rvagg>ISP trouble yet again. ARM cluster offline
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09:39:47  <rvagg>back up on a temporary connection, yet again, going to disable part of the cluster until I get a new connection up
09:39:50  <rvagg>so much drama
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11:46:45  <jbergstroem_>:/
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12:13:01  <joaocgreis>who can approve PRs in node-gyp? All node collaborators or just the subset that has commit access? Was this discussed somewhere? (cc rvagg perhaps)
12:17:01  <rvagg>joaocgreis: not really formalised, if you have signoff from me or ben then you'd be good to go but afaik nobody else has had their heads deep enough in there
12:17:05  <rvagg>joaocgreis: what's the PR?
12:18:19  <joaocgreis>rvagg: https://github.com/nodejs/node-gyp/pull/1130 , there's also https://github.com/nodejs/node-gyp/pull/1103 (contributor asking for a vote in last comment)
12:19:38  <rvagg>joaocgreis: are they complimentary or competing?
12:20:54  <joaocgreis>rvagg: competing, 1103 uses a module maintained by refack, 1130 uses a minimal version that I put together from his work
12:22:55  <joaocgreis>rvagg: well, not only his work, this started in https://github.com/nodejs/node-gyp/pull/1101 and we've been building on it
12:23:34  <rvagg>joaocgreis: ok, I'm a bit absorbed in something right now but I'll see if I can get to it tomorrow
12:23:53  <rvagg>got any other windows collaborators who have been engaged recently that can review?
12:25:09  <joaocgreis>rvagg: in this, just me and bzoz
12:25:29  <rvagg>rvagg: ugh, ok, I'll get in there
12:26:50  <joaocgreis>rvagg: thanks!
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