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06:29:46  <Trott>Instability appears to perhaps be continuing with test-requireio_arm-ubuntu1404-arm64_xgene-2.
06:29:50  <Trott>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-arm/6993/nodes=armv8-ubuntu1404/console
06:30:08  <Trott>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/B1jBPPxJ/
06:30:45  <Trott>And https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-arm/6991/nodes=armv8-ubuntu1404/console
06:31:07  <Trott>https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/fwQV9acW/
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11:00:46  <jbergstroem>i forced disconnects
11:00:54  <jbergstroem>and reconnected it
11:01:04  <jbergstroem>internet told me that it was a "jenkins thing"
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13:10:07  <jbergstroem>According to my calendar we're supposed to have a meeting today. I'm travelling all day; might make it if the lounge at buenos aires have proper wifi but i wouldn't bet on it.
13:44:32  <evanlucas>so for our nightly builds at https://nodejs.org/download/nightly/
13:44:44  <evanlucas>do we have a job that runs nightlies for all current release lines as well as master?
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21:20:45  <mhdawson>I looked for an issue scheduling one but I did not see it
21:20:52  <mhdawson>the meeting that is
21:21:00  <mhdawson>I don't think we've met for a while
21:21:24  <mhdawson>I'm willing to volunteer to start setting up the meetings if that helps
21:21:37  <mhdawson>I'm out next week but could set one up for the next week
21:21:45  <mhdawson>unless we had one today and I just missed it :)
21:25:33  <mhdawson>evanlucas I believe we build a nightly from master only
21:25:59  <evanlucas>that is not what I see from https://nodejs.org/download/nightly/
21:26:56  <mhdawson>hmm, I see your point that there is one for v7.4.1 on 4 jan
21:28:05  <evanlucas>also one for 6.9.5
21:28:53  <mhdawson>There is a single release job, and it is triggered through external scripts so not obvious from the job what all we run regularly
21:29:48  <mhdawson>I don't see anything recent for v4.x
21:30:03  <evanlucas>yea, there was one for v5.x, but never saw a v4.x
21:30:03  <mhdawson>In the past I had seen 2 runs/day 1 for master and I think one for current
21:31:11  <evanlucas>ah gotcha
21:31:27  <mhdawson>which is what makes the most sense to me
21:32:14  <mhdawson>We should probably document it somewhere
21:32:21  <mhdawson>I'll open an issue in the build repo
21:32:43  <evanlucas>it is (somewhat) documented that they exist in the nodejs/node readme, but says that only the Current release line get it
21:32:49  <evanlucas>s/it/them/
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21:38:45  <mhdawson>create https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/593 to chase down right answer and get it documented
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23:05:36  <kunalspathak>@mhdawson - I am Kunal Pathak from Microsoft. I was wondering if we have a CI job similar to https://ci.nodejs.org/view/All/job/chakracore-test-windows/ for ubuntu?
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23:07:39  <mhdawson>This one runs the core node.js tests against x86 linux variants and includes ubuntu
23:07:43  <mhdawson>https://ci.nodejs.org/view/All/job/node-test-commit-linux/
23:08:05  <mhdawson>there are equivalents for linux ppc and linux on Z which also include ubuntu
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23:09:27  <mhdawson>kunalspathak is that what you were looking for ?
23:10:12  <mhdawson>It may look a bit different because the full test suite is run on a single machine
23:10:18  <kunalspathak>Actually I was looking for a CI job targeted for node-chakracore though. I wanted to do a CI run for https://github.com/nodejs/node-chakracore/pull/166
23:10:50  <kunalspathak>can i do that using node-test-commit-linux? I don't see a way to specify PR.
23:12:06  <mhdawson>I don't see any other chakra jobs
23:12:39  <mhdawson>you can run the job against your own repo/branch or specify a PR
23:13:21  <mhdawson>but for a PR you'd have to lanch the node-test-pull-request which would launch all jobs
23:13:29  <mhdawson>the equivalent though
23:14:16  <mhdawson>would be to change GITHUB_ORG to your github id, and GIT_REMOTE_REF to point to the branch for the PR
23:14:37  <mhdawson>when launching the node-test-commit-linux job
23:16:21  <mhdawson>you might have to change the repo name as well as well if its node-chakracore
23:17:32  <kunalspathak>ok
23:17:36  <kunalspathak>let me give it a shot
23:17:53  <kunalspathak>thanks Michael
23:21:47  <mhdawson>np
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23:26:59  <kunalspathak>seems to be failing for all configuration
23:27:49  <kunalspathak>I think we need different Ubuntu configuration to build for node-chakracore
23:27:52  <kunalspathak>See https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/527