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05:16:21  * jbergstroemtopic: we're the nodejs build group. https://ci.nodejs.org https://github.com/nodejs/build -- irc logs: http://logs.libuv.org/node-build/latest
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10:42:34  <gibfahn>jbergstroem: So I have now been added to the build team (https://github.com/orgs/nodejs/teams/build), but I still don't have Jenkins access to configure jobs.
10:43:21  <gibfahn>Is there something else I need to do? I noticed that I'm also not in the members team (https://github.com/orgs/nodejs/teams/members), I'm not sure whether that's related.
10:43:29  <jbergstroem>gibfahn: it doesn't apply to all jobs.
10:43:35  <jbergstroem>which job are you looking at?
10:43:41  <jbergstroem>(it perhaps should btw)
10:44:14  <gibfahn>Any of the citgm jobs
10:44:24  <jbergstroem>ill check
10:44:31  <gibfahn>node-test-commit
10:46:05  <jbergstroem>both of them applies global security levels
10:46:22  <jbergstroem>try logging in and out of jenkins
10:48:06  <gibfahn>There should be a `Configure` option above the `Build now` option right? I'm not being an idiot?
10:48:26  <gibfahn>I'm going through all the jobs in the All tab, none of them have a configure option
10:48:36  <jbergstroem>does this link work? https://ci.nodejs.org/view/Node.js-citgm/job/citgm-smoker/configure
10:49:14  <gibfahn>Access Denied: gibfahn is missing the Job/ExtendedRead permission
10:51:18  <jbergstroem>ah you're right; build group can create workers but not modify jobs
10:51:35  <jbergstroem>i think it _might_ have been secrets-related.
10:51:42  <gibfahn>Fair enough
10:51:52  <jbergstroem>we should perhaps open an issue and figure out the groups/access levels
10:52:00  <gibfahn>Yeah that would be good
10:52:00  <jbergstroem>we have a jenkins admins group which gets full access
10:52:04  <gibfahn>In the build repo?
10:52:19  <jbergstroem>its a different github group
10:52:33  <jbergstroem>michael's in it too if i recall correctly
10:52:36  <gibfahn>I mean should I raise an issue in the build repo?
10:53:37  <jbergstroem>sure, thanks
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10:54:18  <gibfahn>Not really build-related, but aren't all collaborators supposed to be in the members team?
10:59:12  <evanlucas>gibfahn yep
10:59:17  <evanlucas>just confirmed you :]
11:04:22  <gibfahn>evanlucas: Thanks! Now I just have to wait for the coupon code to be fixed...
11:07:38  <evanlucas>hmmm windows release builds are failing... anyone seen this before? https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1323/nodes=vs2013-x64/console
11:11:59  <jbergstroem>PYTHON=c:python27python.exe
11:12:04  <jbergstroem>looks like a typo
11:12:29  <evanlucas>:[
11:12:58  <jbergstroem>hm
11:13:03  <jbergstroem>job looks ok
11:13:34  <jbergstroem>hmh
11:13:38  <jbergstroem>is windows a \\ thing?
11:13:41  <jbergstroem>(escaping)
11:14:14  <evanlucas>no idea....my windows knowledge is rudimentary at best
11:14:16  <jbergstroem>lets try
11:14:24  <jbergstroem>can you try again
11:14:29  <evanlucas>sure :]
11:15:40  <evanlucas>ok https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1324/
11:16:03  <evanlucas>I think that did it
11:16:12  <jbergstroem>cool
11:16:15  <jbergstroem><- windows pro
11:16:24  <evanlucas>the vs2013 box showed the correct PYTHON even though the build is being skipped
11:16:29  <evanlucas>noice
11:17:09  <jbergstroem>likely the result of a new version of the envbuilder
11:17:16  <jbergstroem>ok
11:20:36  <evanlucas>thanks for the help!
11:20:48  <gibfahn>jbergstroem: FYI orangemocha is still in jenkins-admins
11:21:27  <jbergstroem>thealphanerd, mhdawson, rvagg: can you remove him?
11:22:02  <rvagg>Will try, on mobile
11:23:39  <rvagg>Done!
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11:27:33  <evanlucas>jbergstroem did we not bring over the new jenkins ui to ci.nodejs.org?
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11:27:51  <jbergstroem>evanlucas: not quite yet. its buggy with multijob and no one seems to maintain the theme
11:28:01  <evanlucas>ah gotcha
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11:29:20  <jbergstroem>the material theme looks slightly more up to date
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11:31:27  <jbergstroem>perhaps use this with stylish (chrome ext) for a while and tell me what you feel about it (i'll do the same): https://github.com/afonsof/jenkins-material-theme
11:32:13  <evanlucas>interesting
11:33:22  <jbergstroem>i guess i can play around live
11:33:26  <jbergstroem>if its shit, tell me
11:33:34  <jbergstroem>will do it in an hour.
11:33:52  <evanlucas>will do
12:13:00  <jbergstroem>mhdawson/gibfahn: ccache doesn't seem to be installed on either aix test machine
12:14:54  <evanlucas>jbergstroem :[ windows release builds failed again.... sorry to keep bugging you but wanted to give a heads up. I've got to get the kids to school so will be afk for an hour or so
12:15:07  <gibfahn>jbergstroem: Odd, we definitely installed them initially
12:15:14  <gibfahn>It was a painful process
12:26:33  <jbergstroem>gibfahn: perhaps pathing issues
12:26:41  <jbergstroem>i made the assumption it was in $path
12:26:44  <jbergstroem>i'll revisit
12:26:57  <jbergstroem>just looked at a compilation from the stress test and it looked unusually slow
12:29:15  <gibfahn>It's possible it's either disappeared somehow or it's not being used.
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12:31:01  <gibfahn>jbergstroem: It's in /opt/freeware/bin/ccache , and there are gcc and g++ symlinks in there, so I suspect the problem is that it's not in the path
12:31:04  <gibfahn>https://github.com/nodejs/build/blob/master/setup/aix61/manualBootstrap.txt
12:31:22  <gibfahn>There's nothing about adding it to the PATH in here (as far as I can see) so maybe it's done somewhere else?
12:31:34  <jbergstroem>looks like its working
12:34:05  <jbergstroem>evanlucas: testing theme now.
12:37:38  <jbergstroem>ok, not now; need to restart jenkins
12:37:49  <jbergstroem>the stress test is probs an hour or two
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13:24:53  <jbergstroem>gibfahn: reckon i can cancel your stress test job? need to restart jenkins (plugin upgrades for env, git and theme). it's been doing 3200 iterations and all are ok. looks like it'll take ~2h more.
13:25:50  <jbergstroem>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-stress-single-test/nodes=aix61-ppc64/1060/console
13:31:43  <evanlucas>https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1325/nodes=vs2015-x86/console
13:31:48  <evanlucas>do I just have to keep trying that one?
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13:33:20  <jbergstroem>ouch
13:33:27  <jbergstroem>we should backport the fix rod made
13:33:43  <jbergstroem>this: https://github.com/nodejs/node/commit/7014566273ecef5bb28822a66fec0c1e625f30fb
13:34:20  <jbergstroem>hangon that's some other issue
13:36:29  <jbergstroem>i'm not sure what that error is :(
13:50:41  <gibfahn>jbergstroem: Yes sure, sorry!
13:51:27  <gibfahn>killed
13:51:28  <joaocgreis>I'll take a look at the windows issue
13:51:50  <joaocgreis>evanlucas: give me a mention when there are windows problems :)
13:52:02  <evanlucas>joaocgreis will do, thanks!
13:52:45  <jbergstroem>gibfahn: thanks
13:57:21  <joaocgreis>evanlucas, jbergstroem: the SSHCONFIG variable also needed a double backslash. Should be fixed now. Should I start a test job or will you take it from here evanlucas?
13:57:32  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: ah makes sense
13:57:40  <evanlucas>thanks joaocgreis, I can take it from here.
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14:57:50  <evanlucas>um, it looks like no arm binaries are being built?
14:58:14  <evanlucas>https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1327/
14:59:16  <evanlucas>any ideas on why jbergstroem?
15:00:26  <jbergstroem>looks like the condition isn't matching
15:00:37  <jbergstroem>i wonder if the envplugin upgrade has messed iwth escaping or something
15:01:47  <jbergstroem>i'm not sure what build step it should match
15:02:40  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: you got a clue? i suspect its this match but.. yeah :) centos5-release-(32|64)|osx1010-release-tar
15:08:29  <jbergstroem>the jenkins job config diff doesn't tell us much
15:08:40  <jbergstroem>guessing it is plugin related
15:09:45  <jbergstroem>here's a working match: Regular expression run condition: Expression=[linux-gnu|osx-tar], Label=[linux-gnu]
15:11:10  <jbergstroem>yeah
15:11:16  <jbergstroem>those two lines has been replaced
15:12:48  <jbergstroem>rvagg: you around? i see there's some change in the build expression matches for osx and linux
15:18:59  <jbergstroem>i'm guessing he forgot to add the arm nodes when switching from ostype to label
15:19:07  <jbergstroem>sorry, node name
15:19:18  <jbergstroem>i can try adding and see how we go
15:19:48  <evanlucas>that'd be cool
15:20:37  <jbergstroem>evanlucas: can you try again
15:20:55  <jbergstroem>hangon
15:21:02  <jbergstroem>isn't the rpi supposed to build too?
15:21:24  <jbergstroem>yeah
15:21:25  <jbergstroem>adding that too
15:21:35  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: windows was certainly plugin related
15:21:45  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: yeah this probs is config related
15:21:47  <jbergstroem>evanlucas: now!
15:23:04  <evanlucas>sure
15:23:29  <evanlucas>https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1328/
15:23:57  <evanlucas>ppcle didn't build
15:24:14  <evanlucas>ppcbe too
15:26:00  <jbergstroem>let me add them too then
15:26:03  <jbergstroem>aix too
15:26:23  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: adding as you just did LGTM. It also seems to me that rvagg changed vars matching from OSTYPE to nodes and somehow those got left out
15:26:50  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: cool, we agree on what happened then. i'll add the remaining
15:26:51  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: isn't AIX already there further down?
15:27:02  <jbergstroem>sorry, you're right
15:28:39  <jbergstroem>rhel72-s390x-release needs to go in though
15:42:43  <jbergstroem>evanlucas: you probs need a new build after this to get ppc* and rhel
15:42:48  <evanlucas>ok
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15:56:35  <thealphanerd>jbergstroem are they work now/
15:56:42  <thealphanerd>evanlucas looks like osx failed
15:56:46  * gibfahnquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:58:25  <evanlucas>:[
16:02:07  <jbergstroem>:'(
16:02:51  <jbergstroem>ehm
16:02:51  <jbergstroem>out/dist-osx/usr/local/bin/node: errSecInternalComponent
16:03:28  <jbergstroem>hopefully some temporary spacedust
16:05:51  <evanlucas>trying again...
16:14:58  * chorrellquit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
16:15:04  <thealphanerd>jbergstroem https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1330/nodes=vs2015-x86/console
16:15:13  <thealphanerd>stderr: warning: failed to remove Release/
16:15:34  <jbergstroem>hm. i htink that might be the error you get if you try too quick. joaocgreis ?
16:15:50  <thealphanerd>I only did a single job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
16:16:42  <thealphanerd>although I did stop it and immedietely start another job
16:16:50  <thealphanerd>so I cancelled it and am waiting a minute before job 3
16:16:52  <thealphanerd>:P
16:17:10  <evanlucas>:[ osx .pkg still failed
16:17:48  <evanlucas>that error message makes me wonder if the codesigning identity is even on that box?
16:18:29  <thealphanerd>osx package has been making the tar
16:18:30  <thealphanerd>and osx tar has been making the package
16:18:31  <thealphanerd>for a bit
16:18:32  <thealphanerd>¯\_(ツ)_/¯
16:19:17  <evanlucas>yea I remember seeing that
16:20:03  <evanlucas>This one is actually building the pkg I'm pretty sure
16:20:50  <evanlucas>https://ci-release.nodejs.org/job/iojs+release/1331/nodes=osx1010-release-pkg/console
16:27:49  <joaocgreis>thealphanerd: aborting a jenkins job does not stop msbuild, so the compiler will keep running in the background keeping Release/ busy. A few taskkills would solve it, but I have nowhere to put them, there is no way to run commands after an abort or before a job does git clean. But I could add another job, just in ci-release, to clean the Windows machines.
16:27:49  <joaocgreis>Would that be helpful or overkill?
16:27:57  * chorrelljoined
16:28:29  <thealphanerd>my only concern with that job would be killing false negatives
16:28:30  <thealphanerd>like evan has a job running right now
16:28:33  <thealphanerd>it would kill that
16:28:47  <thealphanerd>but a clear warning would make that reasonable
16:29:17  <thealphanerd>joaocgreis could a job not kill any running jobs when it starts?
16:30:07  <joaocgreis>thealphanerd: I can make it per-slave, so it will queue up on machines that are in use, and run only after the current job is done
16:45:13  <thealphanerd>that's rad
16:45:20  <thealphanerd>evanlucas build jobs worked for me on v4
16:45:28  <thealphanerd>perhaps something landed in v7 that is making release work properly
16:45:51  <evanlucas>hm interesting
16:47:59  <evanlucas>thealphanerd yours is running on a different node i believe
16:48:22  <evanlucas>are we still using the voxer osx boxes?
16:48:29  <thealphanerd>¯\_(ツ)_/¯
17:03:39  <jbergstroem>back, sorry
17:03:50  <jbergstroem>we still not successful/
17:04:37  <evanlucas>nope
17:04:50  <evanlucas>pretty sure voxer-1 does not work, but voxer-2 does work
17:04:57  <evanlucas>but I keep getting the same one :[
17:05:52  <jbergstroem>jenkins ui: now with 50% less contrast
17:06:00  <jbergstroem>ah ok
17:06:03  <jbergstroem>so one needs a reboot
17:12:47  <evanlucas>thealphanerd you had to restart yours?
17:13:04  <thealphanerd>I did
17:13:10  <evanlucas>:[
17:13:18  <thealphanerd>sorry
17:13:21  <thealphanerd>stealing your voxers
17:13:25  <evanlucas>want me to hang back until you get yours all done?
17:13:31  <thealphanerd>I think this job should work fine
17:13:36  <thealphanerd>I had vs2013 fail on me
17:13:39  <evanlucas>v4 being on schedule is a lot more important than v7 IMO
17:13:47  <thealphanerd>it's only noon
17:13:49  <thealphanerd>we have time
17:13:49  <evanlucas>ah gotcha
17:13:50  <thealphanerd>:P
17:13:52  <evanlucas>:]
17:14:28  <thealphanerd>the osx stuff is almost done
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19:10:03  <Trott>New Jenkins theme?
19:10:14  <Trott>Ah, I see jbergstroem mentions it above.
19:13:24  <jbergstroem>yes
19:13:27  <jbergstroem>improvement?
19:15:14  <evanlucas>I really like that it is a different color than ci-release
19:15:49  <jbergstroem>grey and grey-blue if i may
19:16:26  <jbergstroem>evanlucas: wanna choose another? :) http://afonsof.com/jenkins-material-theme/
19:17:26  <evanlucas>maybe blue?
19:18:42  <evanlucas>as long as it doesn't mess with the perfect build I almost have done lol
19:18:49  <evanlucas>just waiting on the pi1
19:20:17  <jbergstroem>ok gotta get a new logo first
19:20:29  * chorrellquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
19:21:44  <Trott>I like the new theme, but my aesthetic judgment is appalling so that unfortunately does not count for much.
19:22:06  <evanlucas>yea, I think I'm in the same boat. If it were up to me, everything would use twitter bootstrap
19:23:28  <jbergstroem>this is perfect though
19:23:31  <jbergstroem>now i can blame someone else :D
19:24:21  <evanlucas>:]
19:25:26  <jbergstroem>ok blue: https://ci.nodejs.org
19:26:22  <jbergstroem>ci-release? alert-red?
19:27:49  <jbergstroem>all good-green?
19:28:06  <evanlucas>almost done
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