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01:40:14  <jbergstroem>hm
01:40:19  <jbergstroem>looked random
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04:08:17  <rvagg>Pi cluster is offline due to shared nfs disk fill, cleaned up and they should come back online themselves soon
04:27:24  <rvagg>or manually
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05:56:40  <Trott>node-nodesource-raspbian-wheezy-pi1p-8-mininodes failing to build consistently. All the other Raspberry Pi devices seem fine AFAICT. rvagg Example: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-binary-arm/3521/RUN_SUBSET=6,label=pi1-raspbian-wheezy/console
05:57:27  <rvagg>Trott: thanks, I'm going to go unplug it, I'm playing with 3 new pi's on my desk right now so I may as well add another one to the pile
05:57:53  <Trott>👍
07:30:56  <rvagg>8-mininodes needs a new sdcard and I just used up my spares so it'll be offline for a while until I get a new batch in
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12:13:19  <joaocgreis>Trott: added AIX to the stress test job
12:14:31  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: it's unrelated to maxpath. We've hit that one before and it was fixed with a global config in git to support long paths
12:15:02  <joaocgreis>that git clean failure still puzzles me too
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12:26:41  <rvagg>hey folks, I'm going to be doing a little bit of tinkering with hardware in the ARM cluster so things may go up and down a bit for the next little while
19:05:57  <Trott>Don't think I've seen this one before: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linuxone/894/nodes=rhel72-s390x/console Looks like it recovered the very next build so whatever, I guess, but uh, yeah, just in case it's useful to see it.
21:01:04  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: yeah :((
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23:04:21  <jbergstroem>Trott: i've seen that :(