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14:33:13  <Trott>Looks like AIX builds are still failing with frequency. Here are the last two (which occurred in the last three runs): https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-aix/455/nodes=aix61-ppc64/console https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-aix/453/nodes=aix61-ppc64/console /cc mhdawson gibfahn
14:35:53  <mhdawson>I opened this issue yesterday to investigate. https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/8239
14:36:26  <Trott>Ah, there it is. I was looking in the wrong repo.
14:36:31  <Trott>(Looking in node/build.)
14:36:43  <mhdawson>I think you added the addon tests to the regular ci run. Do you know if there would be an easy way to disable them just for AIX while we figure out what's going on ?
14:41:17  <Trott>I think it was bnoordhuis. https://github.com/addaleax/node/commit/1aa9d3a2ab9bcd03f58efc95dc0077a82088fe61
14:42:24  <Trott>I guess the way to do what you're describing would be in`Makefile` somehow? Check an environment variable that is only set on our AIX hosts or something like that perhaps?
14:43:42  <Trott>Gotta run but I'll check back in a bit...
14:45:28  <Trott>(Can't be in the tests themselves because the issue is in building the addons. The tests never get run in these failures. Just stating this for observers who might have suggestions.)
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14:48:57  <mhdawson>yes I think the problem is that the tests sometimes start to run before the AIX build steps complete. Most likely a gyp dependency issue, but I'm not familiar enough with gyp to have figured out what yet
14:56:51  <Trott>Wild guess before I really leave: Maybe remove the pipe from this line? `test-ci: | build-addons` I forget what the pipe does in the prerequisites, but 30 seconds of Googling should answer that...
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16:44:42  <jbergstroem>Trott: i think ben added; check with him
16:44:47  <jbergstroem>*added it
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