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21:45:36  <ofrobots>is there a way to script the Node builds? e.g. if I were to automate V8 + node integration, could I launch the build automatically from a script? Right now it requires a collaborator to manually launch at build on the CI
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23:01:10  <mhdawson>What you do mean by automate v8 + node integration, you mean pulling an update from the v8 repo and commiting to the node repo
23:02:01  <mhdawson>on the benchmark machine we have some cron jobs setup so if you wanted to do it periodically that would be one way, although the jenkins jobs can also be set to run at certain times as well
23:50:31  <evanlucas>ofrobots, nodejs-ci-ctl on npm allows doing it from the cli
23:50:41  <evanlucas>would need to add support for non-interactive though