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13:45:53  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: one legacy reason we didn't was because we had multiple slaves on some machines
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17:43:08  <thealphanerd>can anyone throw a quick review on https://github.com/nodejs/citgm/pull/158 please
17:44:05  <jbergstroem>sure
18:21:15  <thealphanerd>thanks jbergstroem
18:25:32  <thealphanerd>jbergstroem are you still around?
18:25:39  <jbergstroem>oui
18:25:45  <jbergstroem>(yes in french)
18:31:53  <thealphanerd>oui oui
18:32:03  <thealphanerd>sorry I pinged you then vanished... am the worst
18:32:12  <thealphanerd>I'm working on a new CI job to hopefully help with testing ABI breakages
18:32:25  <thealphanerd>do you have any suggestions for packages to test?
18:58:59  <jbergstroem>hm
19:08:01  <starefossen>some of the database drivers have native modules which could be good candidates
19:08:07  <starefossen>serialport
19:10:20  <jbergstroem>yeah was looking as mscdex's mariadb driver
19:10:21  <jbergstroem>but deps deps
19:36:19  <thealphanerd>yeah
19:36:28  <thealphanerd>not sure the best way to move forward
19:36:46  <thealphanerd>I just finished a first pass at a job that should in "theory" test for abi breakages
19:36:53  <thealphanerd>rvagg ^^^
19:36:58  <thealphanerd>https://ci.nodejs.org/view/Node.js-citgm/job/citgm-abi-smoker/
19:37:09  <thealphanerd>lot's of places to optimize
19:37:57  <rvagg>Oh nice! Will take a look shortly thealphanerd, thanks for starting this.
19:38:03  <thealphanerd>no prob
19:38:13  <thealphanerd>running for the first time... we'll see what happens
19:38:58  <thealphanerd>there is going to be some weirdness with intl and v4... since some of the configure flags came in later minor bumps... but this should be enough to do some basic testing.. currently running master against v6.0.0
23:26:03  <starefossen>Playing around with the Electron and the Jenkins JSON API to see if I can make the UI a bit more intuitive. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/aqrIR4xD/Electron%20%2B%20Jenkins%20JSON%20API
23:59:31  <evanlucas>starefossen that's pretty cool