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16:00:38  <Trott>Tests have been pretty reliable lately, but the node-daily-master job has not been. It fails usually due to some CI infrastructure failure (usually Jenkins and one or more Raspberry Pi devices deciding they aren't going to play nicely).
16:01:02  <Trott>I suspect there's nothing much that can be done short of improvements to the CI infrastructure that would have already happened if they were easy and inexpensive.
16:01:27  <Trott>But just in case... Is there something about that particular job that makes it unreliable? Like, maybe it should run at another time of day? Or maybe elements of it should be staggered somehow? Or something like that?
16:01:48  <Trott>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-daily-master/
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16:22:30  <joaocgreis>Trott: It's just the Pies, right?
16:22:47  <Trott>Not only. Today, for example, OS X build failed.
16:22:58  <Trott>But it's almost always the Pi devices too.
16:23:05  <Trott>Everything else is far more intermittent.
16:23:29  <joaocgreis>lots of failures in the Pies recently, that were not there before (a month ago it was perfect?) but the error messages don't give us any clue
16:23:31  <Trott>If we solved the Pi devices issue only, that's probably an 80% solution.
16:23:47  <joaocgreis>today's OSX was a known flaky
16:23:51  <Trott>And I would be happy to have that 80%. :-)
16:24:42  <Trott>Oh, shoot, I didn't click through to "default". Whoops. Yeah, OK, that was a test on the OS X, not a build infra.
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16:27:17  <joaocgreis>those object ID iota errors are recent, but I have no idea what that's about
16:27:18  <joaocgreis>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-binary-arm/2525/RUN_SUBSET=3,label=pi1-raspbian-wheezy/console
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16:32:02  <joaocgreis>A little experiment: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-daily-master-2/ runs exactly the same thing 10 min later. If the failures are due to timeouts because of long inactivity, this should turn all green.
16:41:46  <Trott>Cool. So we just wait and see how that one does the next few days compared to the original job? (Prediction: The original job will now be fine for a week.)
16:42:00  <Trott>Do you know what (if anything) I'm doing wrong here? https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-stress-single-test/755/nodes=osx1010/console
16:42:36  <Trott>Failing 100% of the time. Can that really be? I guess it could. But uh...wow.
16:43:39  <Trott>Actually, I think I get it. Fix coming....
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19:04:29  <joaocgreis>Trott: just saw the issue, good work
19:04:38  <joaocgreis>strange thing that the failure was timeout
19:07:18  <joaocgreis>about daily-master-2, yes, let's just see what happens. Your prediction is likely to happen... most likely it will tell us nothing, but it's worth the try
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