00:07:31  <jbergstroem>thealphanerd: yeah! we'll get a pass on arm after i fix that
00:08:57  <jbergstroem>thealphanerd: yeah - if you get a run going now it'll be green on arm but i reckon we're in good shape
00:10:18  <thealphanerd>running ci one more time https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-pull-request/1202/
00:10:30  <jbergstroem>this all green stuff.
00:10:32  <jbergstroem>its scary :-D
00:10:59  <thealphanerd>time to write more tests
00:11:03  <thealphanerd>:D
00:26:02  <thealphanerd>arm-fanned is green :D
00:26:20  <jbergstroem>looks like we're moving into full green
00:26:29  <jbergstroem>no no, next step is running tests in parallel :D
00:26:36  <jbergstroem>the "sad" part is that its almost passing
00:26:52  <jbergstroem>time to add openbsd, alpine, shared and debug builds
00:28:18  <thealphanerd>is it testing addons?
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03:20:19  <thealphanerd>rvagg I'm about to head out for the night, but I wanted to ping you regarding your comment on the propose thread
03:20:27  <thealphanerd>is there anything you need from me?
03:22:35  <rvagg>thealphanerd: yeah, your ssh key, which one? https://github.com/thealphanerd.keys
03:22:53  <thealphanerd>do you want to use the same one as my github?
03:23:00  <thealphanerd>or do you want me to gen one for you?
03:23:53  <thealphanerd>the github one for my work machine is the second public key on that list
03:23:57  <thealphanerd>if that is what you would like to use
03:55:59  <rvagg>thealphanerd: whatever you prefer and whatever you think is most secure for your usage, it just needs to be in .ssh/config for `direct.nodejs.org`, I think mostly people are using their default id_rsa for this.
04:06:31  <thealphanerd>rvagg I'm fine with using the github key for this machine then
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12:14:56  <orangemocha>rvagg jbergstroem could one of you faciliate the build meeting?
12:15:39  <orangemocha>I am afraid I won't be able to attend
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12:17:58  <rvagg>orangemocha: sure, it's early but I should be ok to do it
12:18:16  <rvagg>thealphanerd: .ssh key is in ~dist, the promote script should work for you now, good luck!
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18:45:15  <jgi>jbergstroem: ping
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19:10:03  <jbergstroem>jgi: pong
19:10:54  <jgi>jbergstroem: did someone change the password for the JPC account? It seems I can’t log anymore in with the password I created.
19:11:14  <jbergstroem>jgi: i changed the password roughly a week ago to the master account
19:11:30  <jgi>ah ok, how can I be notified when that’s done?
19:12:11  <jbergstroem>jgi: i pushed the new password to the secrets repo -- but I did it while we were talking aobut me doing it privately on irc
19:12:55  <jgi>“but I did it while we were talking aobut me doing it privately on irc” <- I’m not sure I understand what you mean
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19:15:22  <jbergstroem>jgi: you and I were talking about changing the password, security setup and your engagement privately on irc a week ago. i chagned the password after mentioning i would in the same session
19:15:43  <jgi>jbergstroem: ah ok :)
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19:16:45  <jgi>jbergstroem: so my question still stands, do you usually notify people, or do you rely on people being notified by GitHub?
19:17:35  <jbergstroem>jgi: no routine in place. the amount of affected people has been so low that github has sufficed up to here I guess
19:18:18  <jgi>jbergstroem: ok, but it seems that you guys don’t use PRs to change things, and I don’t think GH sends notifications on commits
19:18:32  <jgi>jbergstroem: so I guess in this case it’s just because you’re the only use of JPC?
19:19:20  <jbergstroem>jgi: it would affect people in the infra group -- but i'm pretty much the only guy that seems to do work at in there at the moment
19:19:52  <jgi>jbergstroem: ok cool, thanks for the info
19:19:53  <jbergstroem>jgi: and you're correct regarding not using pr's.
19:20:40  <jbergstroem>jgi: open to suggestions on how we can improve!
19:21:12  <jbergstroem>the shared secrets is already private so people not being part of it won't get visibility
19:21:23  <jgi>jbergstroem: I think using PRs and mentioning the proper teams would help getting notifications
19:22:27  <jbergstroem>jgi: ok. i haven't seen pr's in that repo up to here which is why i didn't do it
19:24:22  <thealphanerd>all my windows tests just failed
19:24:34  <thealphanerd>FATAL: java.io.IOException: Connection aborted: org.jenkinsci.remoting.nio.NioChannelHub$MonoNioTransport@74c0e6e1[name=test-azure_msft-win10-x64-5]
19:27:59  <jgi>jbergstroem: ok, up to you, I won’t push for changing the workflow since I’m not active in that repo.
19:28:48  <jbergstroem>jgi: i haven't removed any of the users or ssh keys yet, just changed the master password so i could add the information to the repo
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19:30:43  <jbergstroem>but i guess that should be done soon as well. would notify at that point
19:30:58  <jgi>jbergstroem: ok, I think I don’t know what you mean by “master password”. What master password? I thought you had changed the password used to login on JPC?
19:31:19  <jbergstroem>jgi: for the NodeCore user, not nodecore/$username
19:32:27  <jgi>jbergstroem: yeah, but I thought we didn’t want to use sub-users, maybe I misunderstood that part?
19:33:08  <jbergstroem>jgi: you're correct but since there's still a lot of dormant vm's in there i don't want to cut access for someone that might need it
19:33:40  <jbergstroem>jgi: happy to get the wheels in motion if you want me to
19:34:12  <jgi>jbergstroem: the ssh keys that give access to these machines are taken from the “master” NodeCore account, not sub-users. If it’s about access from the Web UI, then I agree we shouldn’t remove these accounts.
19:34:36  <jgi>jbergstroem: maybe we should create an issue to get feedback from other build team members? I can create that issue if you’d like
19:34:40  <jbergstroem>jgi: yep, i just let both be for now
19:35:04  <jbergstroem>jgi: if that's the case i would send an email to all the users tied to the account notifying them that their account will be closed and that they can get access through the build group?
19:35:23  <jbergstroem>jgi: sure. we haven't had too many cases of a shared vm provider where we need to reduce access.
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20:01:50  <thealphanerd>hey all... the meeting is supposed to be right now correct?
20:01:54  <thealphanerd>what's the link to the hangout?
20:02:05  <thealphanerd>michael___ ^^^
20:02:21  <rmg>this must be because I'm on time
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20:03:08  <starefossen>I created a Hangouts On Air: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcPRcck4vdjQ-xYMbl5n7Hig1UkTZZ4UGt2NypYngRjtwzrFA?hl=en-GB&authuser=0
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20:42:50  <jbergstroem>starefossen: could you add the youtube link of the video to the document?
20:43:57  <rmg>the job config history plugin stores snapshots of the job's config.xml and history.xml in a timestamped folder, per job
20:44:00  <starefossen>done!
20:44:47  <rmg>$JENKINS_HOME/config-history/jobs/<jobname>/<date_time>/{config,history}.xml
20:44:57  <jbergstroem>sweet
20:45:08  <starefossen>should the youtube video be transfered to some official node.js account? (not sure if it is possible to transfer youtube videos between accounts)
20:45:08  <jbergstroem>i'll spin up a local jenkins and give it a whim
20:46:26  <jbergstroem>thealphanerd: i'll hold with plugins/restarts until you've cut 5.4.1.
20:47:01  <jbergstroem>starefossen: some previous meetings have been hosted by other users; i think its fine for now to do the same if you're ok with it
20:47:22  <starefossen>fine with me :)
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20:51:06  <thealphanerd>thanks jbergstroem
21:12:53  * jgiquit (Quit: jgi)
21:20:46  <michael___>I generally just leave the link to the video in my account
21:21:44  <thealphanerd>so I just noticed the docker related commit for my release keys
21:21:56  <thealphanerd>do I need to wait for those to land before escalating the release?
21:22:04  <thealphanerd>or is there a different script for the docker release?
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21:32:29  <jbergstroem>thealphanerd: different; for pushing to upstream docker
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21:33:37  <thealphanerd>ah ok
21:33:38  <thealphanerd>:D
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