02:28:53  <rvagg>you'll see in GitHub that I've just asked @nodejs/collaborators to hold off on landing stuff until they get a proper pass from Jenkins and highlighted that it's not doing full runs - it's doing the windows + arm thing for some (more than some?) other people
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03:01:04  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: can't login to see that link now, but if it's still the same as it was when orangemocha reported it, it didn't look bad
03:02:00  <joaocgreis>the slaves ping time seems to be working, last build was all green
03:04:16  <joaocgreis>I have no words to describe the inverse logic bug from the multijob plug-in update... https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/232 rvagg, jbergstroem please be careful if you update it, we'll probably have to flip it all again
03:05:15  <rvagg>*sob*
03:52:36  <rvagg>joaocgreis: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-pull-request/727/
03:52:42  <rvagg> Took 3.5 sec on master
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07:11:19  <rvagg>jbergstroem: I figured out the centos5-64 problem, `JOBS` was not set in the JENKINS_ENV so it was building with `make -j` i.e. no maximum parallelisation so it was running out resources with all the `cc1plus` processes, I've st it to 4 on that machine even though it only has 2 CPUs, ccache should mean that's fairly efficient
07:12:02  <rvagg>jbergstroem: could you make sure that `JOBS` is set up on any new machines you've provisioned?