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17:29:01  <rvagg>jbergstroem: have you taken the centos5 machines down?
17:34:49  * orangemochaquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:14:55  <jbergstroem>rvagg: no, waited for mhdawson. doing it as soon as im at work. think 2h.
19:15:11  <rvagg>k
19:15:43  <rvagg>also re iptables, I notice there's nothing in there for ipv6, do we have an open firewall if you use ipv6 to connect?
19:15:45  <jbergstroem>setting up 2 5, 1 6 and and 1 centos 7 machine
19:16:16  <jbergstroem>it's actually not empty; its default drop: Chain INPUT (policy DROP)
19:16:26  <rvagg>ok cool
19:16:33  <jbergstroem>just secured by default until we figured out what to do
19:18:01  <jbergstroem>rvagg: i see that both the 5 release machines are down. is that your doing?
19:18:24  <rvagg>no, that's why I was asking
19:18:30  <jbergstroem>sigh
19:19:24  <jbergstroem>slaves says cannot connect
19:20:57  <jbergstroem>restarted and now its back
19:23:46  <jbergstroem>this is very strange
19:24:24  <jbergstroem>https://gist.github.com/jbergstroem/bff0466ba2ba78ad58fc
19:25:04  <jbergstroem>you can see it get errlols connecting to ci very briefly, then decides to speak to nodesource? unless anyone logged in and restarted with the old start script (which i renamed to just that, old) im clueless
19:28:07  <jbergstroem>our centos5 release machines lack ccache. i'll fix as i move around.
19:42:02  <rvagg>joaocgreis: added a file to secrets/build/release: Node.js Foundation Microsoft Authenticode Certificate.txt
19:42:19  <rvagg>cert is base64 encoded in there, password for the file is also listed
19:42:35  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: how did you progress with the win ssh stuff? we've seen a few disconnect over the last hours :/
19:53:12  <joaocgreis>rvagg: thanks
19:53:42  <joaocgreis>jbergstroem: no progress on that today, it's coincidence
19:53:53  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: ok, thanks for the update
20:24:46  <jbergstroem>I'm now replacing icedtea with oracle jre8
21:04:18  * dawsonmjoined
21:06:12  <dawsonm>Rodd, I have the 2 PPC release machines on-line in the CI. https://ci.nodejs.org/computer/iojs-ibm-ppcle-ubuntu1404-release-64-1,https://ci.nodejs.org/computer/iojs-ibm-ppcbe-fedora20-release-64-1/ What is the next step
21:06:23  <dawsonm>#Rodd
21:06:40  <dawsonm>#rvagg
21:14:33  * piscisaureusjoined
21:23:30  <jbergstroem>dawsonm: twofold, one is adding release keys so it can deliver the artifacts to node-www. second is adding it to the release job
21:23:48  <jbergstroem>dawsonm: i can probably give it a go after i've set up the new machines
21:41:37  * piscisaureusquit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
21:51:33  <dawsonm>ok sounds good, let me know if you I can do anything to help out
22:15:45  <jbergstroem>should be set from here.
23:20:44  <jbergstroem>joaocgreis: pretty sure that (switching to oracle java) helped. load is much lower.
23:57:07  <rmg>do I remember correctly someone mentioning sshd on Windows during the hangout yesterday?
23:57:51  <jbergstroem>rmg: yes, joaocgreis is working on replacing the jnlp setup (which seems to be very flaky at msft) with ssh
23:58:59  <rmg>joaocgreis: around? curious if you've had any luck with that
23:59:19  <jbergstroem>rmg: he didn't make too much progress but will work on it shortly