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18:31:03  <_kit_>Wasn't sure were to report this, or if it was even worth to do so... http://dpaste.com/0YXF6T6
18:31:14  <_kit_>A request to PUT and object which contains multiple Content-Length headers fails with
18:31:14  <_kit_>{"NoApiServersAvailable": "Manta is unavailable to serve requests at this time"}
18:31:14  <_kit_>Whilst multiple Content-Length headers is a valid reason to fail the msg returned wasn't very helpful in debugging the underlying problem.
18:32:26  <_kit_>eg: theres a few hours of my life i'm not getting back. :P
18:32:31  <dap_>Sorry about that!
18:33:39  <dap_>I'm not finding that to be reproducible in my test environment. Let me try your specific request.
18:33:43  <_kit_>heh. no biggy.. not sure why i didn't tap the tcp stream soon instead of trusting my own code. *btw: the curl stuff is just a simplest example, the real problem was masked in some local code).
18:34:00  <_kit_>it'd be interesting if it was just a 'me ism'.
18:36:04  <melloc>That message comes from haproxy.
18:36:10  <dap_>Okay, I can reproduce it with your exact request line.
18:36:16  * Technoquit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
18:36:21  <melloc>It's what it sends for 503's.
18:36:27  <_kit_>i pulled the manta command from https://apidocs.joyent.com/manta/api.html#PutObject adding a '-k -v' to the curl call
18:36:33  <dap_>I figured :)
18:37:10  <dap_>I think this error may be coming from the loadbalancer and not the Manta webapi itself.
18:37:22  <_kit_>https://github.com/joyent/node-manta/issues/317 lead me to https://github.com/joyent/muppet/blob/master/etc/503.http
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18:37:44  <_kit_>which hints at HAProxy is kicking out the error and this is just a stdinclude for the statuscode.
18:38:23  * _kit_shrugs. its not a big deal for me, cuz well, i'm past that bug.. but figured maybe 'others' might hit it as well.
18:39:20  <dap_>Thanks! I will certainly file a ticket for it.
18:39:25  * _kit_is https://github.com/kitdallege from https://github.com/gmgcoders/ btw.
18:40:05  <dap_>Nice to meet you! I'm sorry it's under these conditions. :)
18:41:10  <_kit_>heh. ditto.. though tiz the way of code. if stuff break i'd be out of a job. ;)
18:41:19  <dap_>Heh
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18:44:05  <dap_>I think this might be a result of the behavior of the stock Node.js HTTP server.
18:44:24  <dap_>And then the loadbalancer translates it to the 503.
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18:51:24  <_kit_>https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7230#section-3.3.2 from what i read, its a definite violation of HTTP/1.1 to send multiple 'content-lengths'. @ that point its up the the server if it wants to reject it or combine the values somehow (i think the values must be the same to combine um, as well)..
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18:52:31  <dap_>Yeah, I was just looking at that as well.
18:55:24  <_kit_>google does an ok job of digging up a http libs and so i could see how they handle it. most reject it.. a few like https://github.com/golang/go/blob/master/src/net/http/transfer.go#L612 attempt to consolidate it.. (some comments in a java lib let me to some stuff about using multiple headers as a sort of attack vector, so they just throw a fatal @ that point instead of leaking info as to why it failed).. [*shrugs* unknown to me if thats actuall
18:55:24  <_kit_>y an attack vector or just a paranoid java dev] ;)
18:56:53  <_kit_>s/let me/led me/
19:35:50  <dap_>_kit_: I've filed this as https://smartos.org/bugview/MANTA-3489
19:36:21  <dap_>And with that, it's lunch time!
19:37:20  <_kit_>awesome. feels nice to contribute something [to a product we use so much], even if it just means 'more work'. =D
19:37:37  <dap_>Heh :) Thanks for letting us know!
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