06:22:04  * rmustacctopic: Manta: Big Data Unix | Now Open Source! -- https://github.com/joyent/manta | http://apidocs.joyent.com/manta/ | http://logs.libuv.org/manta/latest
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08:35:16  <wizard113___>100TritonRoot
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08:45:14  <Smithx10>lol wizard113___ is that your password?
08:45:39  <wizard113___>of course - at least, a chunk of it
08:46:22  <wizard113___>stupid windows popping up when I rebooted a switch, as if I needed more maintenance tasks :-)
09:20:32  <Smithx10>hahah
09:20:48  <Smithx10>I ls in irc all the
09:21:35  <wizard113___>heh, yep, that is more typical for me
09:40:54  <wizard113___>Smithx10: Can I ask a favor? are you able to post the output of sdc-napi /nics?nic_tags_provided=mantanat from your setup?
09:41:46  <wizard113___>and sdc-napi /nics?nic_tag=mantanat ?
09:43:58  <Smithx10>didnt i post that in a gist 1 sec
09:44:37  <Smithx10>https://gist.github.com/Smithx10/fcf0c222ba9df622cdc184726412ab67
09:51:10  <wizard113___>yeah, you had posted the networks - what I am wondering is, if I have something dumb in my NIC setup. I corrected the VLAN error in my mantanat network setup, and created an interface on my router that I should be able to reach.
09:51:11  <wizard113___>however
09:51:32  <wizard113___>from my switch, I can reach the router, but I cannot reach the marlin zones
09:52:10  <wizard113___>and I am wondering if I need to create a virtual nic and explicitly assign it to the manatanat vlan
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11:13:08  <wizard113___>Smithx10: I got it, thank you very much for all the help. tl;dr; router config done at 2am should always be double-checked.
11:26:42  <Smithx10>lol
11:26:48  <Smithx10>@wizard113___ what was it?
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14:19:39  <wizard113___>Smithx10: After I got the mantanet VLAN seperated from the manta VLAN, I created a interface on my router.
14:19:55  <Smithx10>ahhh yea
14:20:19  <Smithx10>What is your Manta workload going to look like ?
14:20:25  <wizard113___>After seeing that both of my switches were able to see the MAC addresses of the marlin nodes, I looked at my external interface on the router
14:20:38  <Smithx10>yea, i got burned by 9k mtu
14:20:54  <wizard113___>oh, I haven't even gone there yet
14:20:58  <Smithx10>hahaha
14:21:18  <Smithx10>Im here for ya!
14:21:33  <Smithx10>are you doing this for work?
14:22:14  <wizard113___>it is only a single host lab setup, so kinda low to start. my workload to start will be 16k-20k objects added per day, with each of those objects being added to by a couple of jobs in the pipeline
14:22:45  <wizard113___>this is for home, until we have it proved out and get some traction with customers - my unpaid night job, as it were
14:23:44  <wizard113___>my day job is wrangling AWS, and trying to show our management that AWS is a dead end.
14:25:43  <Smithx10>wizard113___: its incredible isnt it?
14:25:55  <Smithx10>The echo chamber is strong
14:37:44  <wizard113___>Smithx10: yeah, it is. Having to call database service engineers directly is not my idea of service, but all our engineers and mgmt think it is normal.
14:51:07  <Smithx10>What is also funny is what became acceptable since containers lol
14:51:26  <Smithx10>its like management and admins just think all the problems wnt away
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17:29:01  <wizard113___>Smithx10: It is a riot, they think that clouds/containers are somehow magically self-supporting. I tell people that cloud services don't mean that administration has gone away, it has just translated to different services to focus SLA-supporting activities upon.
17:29:24  <_Tenchi_>butbutbut where's the cost savings?
17:29:58  <_Tenchi_>all the vendors tell me there's a cost savings
17:30:03  <wizard113___>heh - my answer to that is rather... dark.
17:30:52  <_Tenchi_>well, you know what happens when you tell the truth... you're punished for lowering morale :P
17:33:45  <wizard113___>after a long time in QA and operations, I've learned one can live for extended times absent morale. When the baby is ugly, I call it out. Might not make me popular, but I keep systems up.
17:37:17  <_Tenchi_>im always torn between being realistic/honest and hoarding political capital haha
17:40:51  <Smithx10>well its like cantrill has said many times
17:41:23  <Smithx10>I believe he talks about the jevons paradox
17:41:32  <Smithx10>You will end up with more infrastructure
17:41:36  <Smithx10>because more people are do more stuf
17:41:44  <Smithx10>the more something becomes consumable.... the more its consumed
17:42:31  <wizard113___>efficient consumption with minimal waste then becomes the name of the game.
19:22:37  <wizard113___>... and I finally have my test manta job running. Now to convert a bunch of node scripts to run within manta
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19:42:10  <wizard113_>Thank y'all for the help the past few months - Smithx10, bahamat, dap, rmustacc, jhendricks, and anyone else I've missed
19:55:19  <Smithx10>lol wizard113_ you drinking?
19:55:52  <Smithx10>and np, its our job as community members to make sure that you have an alternative to the mainstream
19:56:19  <Smithx10>if I wasn't helping you, I'd be helping some poor guy at work try to make his pom build.
19:56:22  <Smithx10>lol
19:56:26  <Smithx10>./shoots self
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20:21:07  <wizard113_>not drinking yet, I have about 6 person-months of code to convert now that I have all the infrastructure out of the way
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22:39:23  <Smithx10>lol