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17:32:32  <wizard113__>Smithx10: I followed the guide, but I did not setup a NAT zone as the gateway from the mantanat network. The guide partially describes how to do that.
17:33:14  <Smithx10>... hmmmm
17:33:23  <Smithx10>my mantanat network doesnt have a nat zone
17:33:24  <wizard113__>from what I read, to change the gateway now will require me to reprovision the marlin hosts to pickup the changes
17:33:37  <Smithx10>only a TiR
17:33:41  <Smithx10>ToR network
17:33:49  <Smithx10>i believe
17:33:51  <Smithx10>let me check
17:33:55  <wizard113__>are your compute instances able to hit public sites?
17:33:59  <Smithx10>of course
17:34:07  <Smithx10>because its using a network at ToR that can route
17:34:21  <wizard113__>cusswords, I must have something else screwed up that I didn't see
17:39:10  <Smithx10>unless im missng something
17:39:16  <Smithx10>but i dont think i am
17:39:29  <Smithx10>https://joyent.github.io/manta/
17:39:32  <Smithx10>did you follow this?
17:40:46  <wizard113__>yeah - the part I did not do is, that makes me think I need to add a nat zone, is at https://joyent.github.io/manta/#configuring-nat-for-marlin-compute-zones
17:41:17  <Smithx10>wizard113__: https://gist.github.com/Smithx10/8a88208eba4784fe42a85b41a7cc8ffa
17:41:23  <Smithx10>here is a gist of my networking config
17:41:42  <wizard113__>ty
17:42:12  <Smithx10>wizard113__: the nat zones are used for nat'ing out of the fabrics
17:42:24  <Smithx10>but these zones are running on a ToR VLan
17:42:35  <Smithx10>so vlan 104 and 105 are my networks for that
17:43:57  <Smithx10>https://gist.github.com/Smithx10/fcf0c222ba9df622cdc184726412ab67
17:44:02  <Smithx10>here is the napi networks for them
17:45:02  <Smithx10>here are the nic tags
17:45:02  <Smithx10>https://gist.github.com/Smithx10/380d44649c46f1e4a10b5f2e095364af
17:45:06  <Smithx10>that help?
17:45:28  <Smithx10>if your doing aggregates the mappings in the network.json will be different
17:45:29  <wizard113__>I think I see one problem on my side, my marlin and mantanat are both using vlan 100, seems like that's not right. And I don't appear to have set that one up properly on my router
17:47:53  <wizard113__>this helps a lot, thank you. I might be able to fix my setup with a complete teardown
17:48:08  <wizard113__>now I know what my weekend project is :-)
17:48:36  <wizard113__>*without a complete teardown. bad typing this a.m.
17:49:43  <Smithx10>np
17:49:48  <Smithx10>glad to have helped
17:49:54  <Smithx10>let me know if you need any more helo
17:49:56  <Smithx10>help*
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