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17:03:41  <wizard113_>Hello, if I retrieve a snaplink, how do I tell if it is still a link, or if it has converted to an object? minfo doesn't seem to show any difference, and I haven't spotted one in the headers.
17:49:46  <jhendricks>May I ask what you mean by "converted to an object"?
17:50:10  <jhendricks>Manta snaplinks work like hard links. Creating one makes the link behave exactly like the object it points to from the start.
17:57:56  <wizard113_>ah, ok.
18:05:42  <wizard113_>What I meant was that, when I update the "original" object, I wanted some way to tell that the snaplink used to be associated to the updated object. If I follow this correctly, I'd need to embed that in either the object, or in the naming scheme.
18:06:13  <jhendricks>Yeah. The snaplink will point to the object it was created out forever unless you update the snaplink itself.
18:06:55  <jhendricks>*created from
18:07:34  <jhendricks>You could also use custom headers on the object if you wanted.
18:08:47  <wizard113_>I am using custom headers - can custom headers on the snaplink be different from the headers on the object?
18:09:20  <wizard113_>if so, that would be a route for me, but looking at my examples in minfo, I assumed they were the same header set between object and snaplink
18:14:26  <wizard113_>ok, yeah, seems like my assumption was correct, tried adding a custom header when I created a link, and the header just gets dropped
18:15:05  <jhendricks>Yes, that's right.
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18:16:13  <wizard113_>jhendricks: ok - thanks for jumping on today, this helps a bunch.
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