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04:02:15  <dillona>bahamat: I booted into rescue, zpool import zones, zfs mount -a
04:02:17  <dillona>No error
04:02:36  <dillona>looked in /zones and it does seem that everything is there
04:03:13  <bahamat>dillona: Anything full?
04:03:51  <dillona>hmm! my zpool only has 2.something GB left
04:04:24  <dillona>most of my datasets show 422K available
04:04:41  <bahamat>That's probably your problem.
04:04:54  <bahamat>Find out what's taking up so much space and see if you can purge some of it.
04:05:21  <dillona>Yeah at the very least I can make clean my smartos build
04:08:51  <dillona>alright! it booted this time!
04:08:57  <dillona>Now I wonder what state my manta is in
04:09:15  <dillona>looks like manta-init is idempotent according to the ops guide
04:09:19  <dillona>so I’ll just try again
04:09:24  <bahamat>Yes, it is.
04:09:45  <bahamat>Make sure you'll have enough free space to import all of the images.
04:09:53  <bahamat>The marlin image is around 16GB or so.
04:11:04  <dillona>hm. is there a convenient way to tell if it’s already imported?
04:11:09  <dillona>I think I need the uuid maybe
04:11:24  <bahamat>sdc-imgadm list will show you
04:12:07  <bahamat>updates-imgadm list will show you images that are available for download, so you can use updates-imgadm to find the uuid of something not yet imported.
04:13:10  <dillona>Yeah looks like it isn’t imported and I don’t have space
04:13:14  <dillona>I wonder if it’ll crash again
04:13:17  <dillona>I feel like it shouldn’t
04:13:20  <dillona>Even if you’re out of space
04:13:28  <bahamat>Almost certainly it will.
04:13:46  <bahamat>manta-init won't handle that type of error well.
04:14:00  <bahamat>And nearly everything will throw exceptions for errors that aren't handled.
04:15:23  <bahamat>But if you run out of disk space, a lot of things are gong to break quickly.
04:15:49  <dillona>Well I mean manta-init choking is totally reasonable
04:15:55  <dillona>The headnode rebooting I feel like is less so
04:18:28  <bahamat>Well, that's a zfs issue.
04:18:56  <dillona>Headnode did not restart but the disk is now full :/
04:19:10  <dillona>I’ll give the VM another disk and give it another go tomorrow
04:19:41  <bahamat>You're getting an error from zfs because it can't mount the disks, and if zfs gives an error then filesystem/smartdc will go into maintenance.
04:20:36  <dillona>makes sense
04:20:45  <dillona>The only thing that’s still unclear to me is why I couldn’t login with my creds
04:22:10  <bahamat>into which?
04:22:33  <dillona>when it went into maintenance mode
04:23:04  <bahamat>If filesystem/smartdc goes into maintenance then it can't read the root shadow to add it to /etc/shadow
04:23:43  <dillona>Right…but it works in rescue mode?
04:24:01  <dillona>I would expect it to either work in both or neither
04:24:10  <bahamat>I think in that case it read it from the usb.
04:25:02  <bahamat>I'd need to go dig in the code to be sure, but I *think* that's what's going on.
04:26:04  <dillona>alright thanks bahamat
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