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17:23:30  <overra>anyone around?
17:24:07  <overra>is there a way to create a job that doesn't require any input?
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17:56:03  <rmustacc>overra: Yes, it is possible. You'd want your first phase to be a reduce job.
17:56:15  <overra>alright, got that
17:56:31  <rmustacc>Often times a patern that folks will use is that the first phase is actually an mfind in manta that pipes everything via mcat to the next phase.
17:57:04  <overra>i guess it helps if you know what i'm trying to do
17:57:21  <overra>i've got a bunch of images i want to render into a timelapse video
17:57:57  <overra>ffmpeg -nostdin -r 24 -pattern_type glob -i \"/overra/stor/527f96151c6d5ec911000001/*.png\" /overra/public/527f96151c6d5ec911000001.webm
17:58:08  <overra>is what i have in the exec part of the job
17:59:07  <overra>but when i check the status of the job it inputDone is false
18:01:00  <rmustacc>Did you run mjob close <uuid>?
18:01:07  <overra>https://gist.github.com/overra/3da28c2cd60b790cfa48
18:01:13  <rmustacc>To tell it that it has no more inputs.
18:01:38  <overra>i think i tried that but the file i expected to be the output wasn't there
18:02:51  <rmustacc>Sorry, I'm not as personally familiar with the node.js interface. But I know that if you were doing a similar thing on the cli you'd need to close the job or tell it that it has no inputs.
18:04:29  <overra>alright, pretty sure i got it to end input when i tried that earlier. is there some way to get the output/error of the job?
18:04:30  <rmustacc>Let me see if I can figure out what it's doing.
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18:04:36  <rmustacc>mjob intpus
18:04:40  <rmustacc>*mjob inputs
18:04:45  <rmustacc>mjob outputs
18:05:09  <rmustacc>Those both take job ids.
18:05:36  <rmustacc>And then mjob list will list them all.
18:06:09  <overra>ah mjob errors says it exited with code 1
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18:08:48  <overra>i think i might know why. thanks for the help :)
18:09:34  <rmustacc>We do save stderr/stdout, so ffmpeg left any clues it should be there.
18:17:13  <overra>oh where's that? reports?
18:17:50  <overra>nvm, i think i found it
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18:51:38  <overra>oh crap, reduce jobs can't access files in the stor can it?
18:55:30  <rmustacc>They can as long as it's your users stor
18:57:21  <overra>hmm
18:57:48  <overra>[image2 @ 810f030] Could not open file : /overra/stor/527f96151c6d5ec911000001/*.jpg
18:58:20  <overra>i guess that's because it's not doing what it's supposed to
18:59:55  <rmustacc>Well, so a few things.
19:01:10  <rmustacc>In general if you want to match multiple things you're going to have to specify each of them.
19:01:14  <rmustacc>Or do an mfind.
19:01:21  <rmustacc>The API doesn't support globbing.
19:01:57  <rmustacc>The other thing is that when you want to run files on jobs, you'll need to specify which ones, as the entire fs namespace isn't always available for you.
19:02:22  <overra>the globbing was meant for ffmpeg
19:02:52  <rmustacc>Right, but the objects in manta don't always show up in the FS.
19:03:04  <overra>ah
19:03:43  <rmustacc>If you're doing a reduce job you just get a stream of all the objects piped to that phase.
19:03:44  <overra>makes sense, any chance you know how to tell ffmpeg to take multiple image filenames as the input?
19:04:20  <rmustacc>Well, the reason what you did didn't work is because they weren't there, not because ffmpeg didn't like the arguments.
19:04:42  <overra>ah
19:04:53  <rmustacc>The file in the file systems from a map job is in $MANTA_INPUT_FILE and the name of the object is in $MANTA_INPUT_OBJECT
19:05:04  <rmustacc>When you're running a reduce job you aren't automatically colocated with all the data.
19:06:24  <overra>hmm, but we can pipe the contents of the file to the job?
19:07:27  <rmustacc>For a reduce job you'd pipe the concatenated results.
19:07:36  <rmustacc>what exactly is it you're trying to do?
19:07:54  <overra>take a sequence of images and render a video
19:08:41  <rmustacc>What you may want to do is either concatenate them together in one phase or just fetch all the images as assets into the job.
19:08:53  <rmustacc>I'm not very familiar with how ffmpeg works here to know the be https://gist.github.com/trentster/033c17250a6b584360fe
19:08:58  <rmustacc>best way to proceed
19:09:06  <rmustacc>Sorry, some random bit got into my paste buffer.
19:09:24  <overra>oh okay, didn't look like that was meant for me
19:14:26  <overra>looks like you can do something like cat *.jpg | ffmpeg -f image2pipe -i - out.webm
19:14:37  <overra>not sure if that helps
19:21:46  <overra>so i'd need to do a mfind for the images, and mcat them to the reduce job?
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