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01:00:21  <keegans>so
01:00:27  <keegans>i just tried building a swig module
01:00:33  <keegans>i built it against my system lua and not luvit
01:00:41  <keegans>and loaded the shared object and it crashed luvit
01:00:55  <keegans>is there a way i can build against luvit?
01:22:08  <keegans>probably a bug : just compiled the bin
01:22:13  <keegans>and it loaded into luajit fine, and works
01:22:30  <keegans>loading it into luvit just caused a SIGSEGV
01:38:29  <creationix>keegans: maybe it's not the same version of luajit
01:38:58  <creationix>I think the latest luvit release has somewhere in the 2.1 branch
01:39:20  <keegans>the -v doesn't show the luajit ver
01:39:47  <keegans>I'll figure it out hold on
01:40:17  <keegans>Hmm
01:40:29  <keegans>https://github.com/luvit/luvit/tree/2.14.2
01:40:33  <keegans>that's the version i'm on
01:40:41  <creationix>The luvi version will tell you which tag for luvi on GitHub and you can find the luajit commit in the submodules deps/luv/luajit
01:42:09  <keegans>`LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta2`
01:42:19  <keegans>i'm on LuaJIT 2.0.5
01:42:30  <keegans>why is luvit using a beta version of luajit?
01:42:43  <keegans>anyway, i will upgrade
01:42:45  <keegans>and see
01:56:24  <keegans>yep
01:56:27  <keegans>it's the difference in versions
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