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20:53:55  <bman>Hello Luvit-team! I was recommended to try the luvit package for a project of mine. I'm going to read the luvit.io webpage, but if I have any questions should I ask them openly or is anyone willing to help me? Thank you either way in advance!
21:10:33  * SinisterRectusquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:17:32  <creationix>bman: go for it. We're lean on time and manpower, but will try our best to help. Also you can try the mailing list or GitHub issues.
21:23:01  <bman>I am trying to run luvit on an embedded platform, either ar71xx(Archer C7) or mt7621(Netgear R6220). Is this a pipe dream or is it possible? I tried googling around but didn't find anyone claiming it was successful. Anyone here tried it on those, or similar, devices?
21:23:42  <Soni>just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done
21:24:04  <Soni>what's the RAM on those?
21:24:13  <bman>true, 128MB
21:24:40  <creationix>128 is probably enough. What's the arch? Mips is harder to support
21:25:48  <creationix>But armv6, armv7, or armv8 with glibc should work out of the box
21:26:20  <bman>MIPS32 74K series and mipsel_24kc
21:26:55  <bman>ok.. Soo.. I need to find a consumer router based on armvX.
21:27:11  <bman>that has been my suspicion a short while
21:27:43  <creationix>You might get mips to work. I've not touched it personally, others have and I've heard of trouble.
21:30:05  <bman>Yes, that is the feeling I get when I google around.. I'm going to contact a router supplier tomorrow. Maybe I'm in luck and they have something. Now I know what to look for. The luvit-binary looks cool.