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03:55:05  <ryan_ford>can you run weblit with luv or do you need luvit?
03:55:23  <creationix>either
03:55:27  <ryan_ford>thanks
03:55:42  <creationix>ryan_ford: https://luvit.io/blog/
03:56:00  <creationix>the blog is a bit broken, but luckily the saved article is the one you need
03:57:42  <ryan_ford>while I have you, what's up with lit? I can't ever seem to browse what's avaiable
03:58:07  <ryan_ford>i get a json response on lit.luvit.io
03:58:35  <creationix>lit.luvit.io is a JSON endpoint
03:59:09  <creationix>you are supposed to be able to browse here https://luvit.io/lit.html#author:luvit
03:59:21  <creationix>but there have been some scaling issues with the number of packages and the query sometimes times out
03:59:48  <ryan_ford>yeah i tried with name:* no response
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04:00:00  <creationix>here is my weblit stuff https://luvit.io/lit.html#author:creationix weblit
04:00:29  <creationix>or rather https://luvit.io/lit.html#author:creationix%20weblit
04:00:50  <ryan_ford>awesome, thanks
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07:53:55  <ld74>https://gitlab.com/snippets/1678104
07:54:27  <ld74>what do you guys think of this async wrapper I made. useful to implement in requests to avoid callback hell.
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12:46:37  <creationix>That's neat. I seem to remember I had something like that in luvit somewhere.
12:46:37  <creationix>Most core functions accept a thread instead of a callback and will suspend themselves and return the result when done.
12:47:16  <creationix> Also the luvit repl is in a coroutine. You can call coroutine based functions and get the result.
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19:42:45  <Soni>creationix: can you find me a p2p protocol that handles v4 and v6?
19:42:55  <Soni>(as opposed to v4 and v4 or v6 and v6)
19:43:12  <creationix>Soni: I don't know what you mean
19:46:30  <Soni>creationix: how do I make a v6 host talk to a v4 host for a p2p file transfer?
19:50:34  <creationix>what do you mean "v6 host" and "v4 host"?
19:51:59  <creationix>if you're talking about IPv4 and IPv6, those are different protocols. Some networks bridge them by translating the addresses (kinda like NAT translation in your home network)
19:53:13  <creationix>you can't send a packet that IPv4 on the to address and IPv6 on the from address, for example, they are different packet formats
19:53:50  <creationix>but if you have a bridge, you can send an IPv6 address that has the IPv4 address embedded in it and the bridge translates your IPv6 packet to an IPv4 packet before forwarding it on
19:59:36  <creationix>most hosts generally have addresses on one or both networks. Just use the network that both ends have an address on
20:00:00  <creationix>my home ISP, for example, doesn't allow me an IPv6 address, so I can't talk to machines via their IPv6 addresses, but most websites are available over IPv4
20:00:19  <creationix>when tethering, however, I have IPv6 and my domains have AAAA records that the browser uses
20:00:40  <creationix>same laptop, same server, different protocol depending on the network I'm using
20:01:30  <Soni>creationix: how do I send a file, from my IPv4-only home network, to an IPv6-only VPS, using something like Dat?
20:01:41  <Soni>or rather
20:01:52  <Soni>which bittorrent clone do I need to use to be able to do that?
20:04:14  <creationix>you can't without a service that bridges the protocols
20:04:21  <creationix>it's got nothing to do with dat or bittorrent
20:04:53  <creationix>IPv4 and IPv6 are like two internets overlayed on eachother.
20:05:03  <yumaikas>Can't the IPv6 VPS talk IPv4?
20:07:18  <creationix>that would be easiest
20:07:52  <creationix>another option is to use a tunnel broker like https://tunnelbroker.net/ or https://www.sixxs.net/main/
20:08:20  <creationix>you'd have an IPv6 address in your house, and your router would tunnel the packets over IPv4 to the broker who would forward them on the public IPv6 network
20:08:35  <creationix>(since the link from your house to the internet is IPv4 only)
20:09:27  <Soni>the idea is that the P2P protocol/peers on the bittorrent/dat network would bridge them for me
20:10:02  <creationix>sure, that works as long as a peer on the network speaks both networks and relays traffic for you
20:10:42  <creationix>there are no built-in relays in bittorrent or dat, they are direct connections for data. The DHT is only used for discovery in those
20:10:53  <Soni>can that be changed?
20:10:55  <yumaikas>Though, if you control both endpoints, but aren't using a larger network, why bittorrent?
20:11:26  <Soni>yumaikas: eh it's just an example I thought of
20:11:38  <creationix>Soni: the design I gave you the other day will work great. Deploy a service somewhere on the public internet. it will listen on IPv4 and IPv6 for pairs of connections and relay traffic between them.
20:11:49  <yumaikas>^
20:11:50  <creationix>the actual traffic can encrypted E2E so the relay can't read it
20:12:10  <Soni>but that means all IRC DCC traffic would go through my server
20:12:18  <creationix>yep
20:12:19  <Soni>basically put vendor lock-in on DCC
20:12:54  <creationix>thing is, if one machine can only connect to the internet via IPv4 and another can only connect via IPv6, they can't talk to eachother directly
20:13:05  <creationix>there has to be something speaking both to tunnel the traffic
20:13:27  <Soni>yes
20:13:34  <Soni>that's where dat/bittorrent/clone would come in
20:13:52  <creationix>right, the tunnels can be peers instead of a centralized server you rtun
20:14:08  <creationix>but they will still need public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to bridge
20:14:53  <creationix>and how will you discover the tunnels and tell them to connect to your destination node?
20:15:26  <creationix>something like the DHT modified to include tunnels might work, but there are a lot of questions to answer to prevent abuse
20:16:05  <Soni>just a checkbox and end-to-end crypto
20:16:15  <Soni>(end-to-end crypto on top of node-to-node crypto)
20:47:12  <ld74>What are the chances of hooking up cuda to luvit similar to torch?
20:47:31  <creationix>no idea
20:54:40  <ld74>did you have the chance to look at the tweetnacl thing btw?
21:11:32  * Andolsquit
21:32:19  <Soni>why not use luv from torch?
21:32:45  <creationix>I think torch used luv for a while, not sure if they still do
21:33:03  <creationix>ld74: no, I'm having trouble getting my windows box up
21:33:18  <creationix>HDD died and I've bought two drives and they have both not worked at all
21:33:32  <ld74>rip
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