01:43:13  <creationix>Soni: there are no precompiled binaries for luv because there are a lot of combinations and the support overhead of me doing that on every build is simply not worth my time for the tiny demand for such a thing.
01:43:56  <Soni>creationix: it's only about 54 combinations for every major OS hexchat runs on
01:44:23  <creationix>Now if you teally want, you can hire me to do it, but I warn you, you'll be better off just buying a new MacBook and doing it yourself.
01:45:28  <creationix>I build 8 combinations of luvi and try to make sure the luarocks recipe works on the major 3 platforms.
01:45:56  <Soni>creationix: uh I mean all other builds are easy af to do but how much would it cost for macos builds? there are only 3 combinations for that, since it's 64-bit only and stuff.
01:46:16  <creationix>Sure, Mac only won't be too bad
01:46:33  <Soni>it's a pain to do for anyone not devving specifically for mac, so having them prebuilt would be nice
01:47:33  <Soni>(ofc, that does mean the whole thing is untested on mac, but eh when you're just starting out that doesn't really matter does it)
01:49:04  <creationix>Who even uses hexchat on Mac? Seems like a tiny market.
01:49:35  <Soni>well it only recently got mac support so there's that
01:52:28  <Soni>hexchat still is the best GUI IRC client I know of :/
01:56:30  <Soni>it's simple, has (mostly) good UX, has a good API, isn't full of security holes, etc
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19:06:35  <creationix>> There are no longer maintained OSX builds.
19:06:48  <creationix>Soni: ^ looks like they don't support OSX anymore anyway
19:08:03  <creationix>I've used http://colloquy.info/, https://www.codeux.com/textual/, and IrcCloud on OSX personally
21:03:07  * rendarquit (Quit: std::lower_bound + std::less_equal *works* with a vector without duplicates!)
22:47:44  <Soni>ugh