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13:48:44  <Soni>how do I use udp with pure luv?
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14:51:14  <SinisterRectus>https://github.com/luvit/luv/blob/master/docs.md#uv_udp_t--udp-handle
15:11:19  <Soni>where do I find precompiled luv binaries for lua 5.1, lua 5.2, lua 5.3 on all of windows (x86, x86_64), macos, linux (x86, x86_64, all variants of the RPi), freebsd (???)?
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15:55:51  <SinisterRectus>Soni: as far as i am aware, there are none
15:56:08  <Soni>where do I find a machine that can make those binaries?
15:56:10  <SinisterRectus>the best option is to use luarocks
15:56:18  <SinisterRectus>luarocks install luv
15:56:20  <Soni>and how can I pack them all into a single .lua file?
15:56:29  <SinisterRectus>it's a C library, not lua
15:56:35  <SinisterRectus>so you'd need to have a compiler set up
15:56:44  <Soni>I can pack precompiled binaries
15:56:46  <Soni>and load them at runtime
15:56:50  <SinisterRectus>yes
15:56:51  <Soni>but how should I do it?
15:56:53  <Soni>a tar?
15:56:55  <SinisterRectus>with luarocks
15:56:55  <Soni>or something else?
15:57:04  <Soni>no fuck luarocks it doesn't work within hexchat
15:57:05  <SinisterRectus>a tar is not a compiled binary, it's an archive
15:57:10  <SinisterRectus>what
15:57:12  <Soni>an archive of compiled binaries
15:57:34  <Soni>look hexchat has no package manager, this POS is complete crap and I've argued with them for YEARS for a fucking package manager
15:57:44  <Soni>so no, it's not gonna happen
15:57:50  <SinisterRectus>hexchat is an irc client...
15:57:58  <Soni>the proper way to do hexchat plugins is to put ALL THE DEPS IN THE LUA FILE
15:58:01  <Soni>including C deps
15:58:10  <SinisterRectus>oh you want to write a lua script for hexchat
15:58:12  <Soni>so just shove the 100 or so precompiled DLLs in the .lua file
15:58:18  <Soni>and unpack at runtime
15:58:25  <SinisterRectus>that's not how it works but okay
15:58:34  <Soni>it is, if you're using hexchat
15:58:40  <Soni>because that's the hexchat way to do it
15:58:44  <Soni><Soni> look hexchat has no package manager, this POS is complete crap and I've argued with them for YEARS for a fucking package manager
15:58:54  <Soni>I was literally told to do it this way, more than once
15:59:08  <SinisterRectus>what do you mean by "package manager"
15:59:22  <Soni>something that can install a lua script and all dependencies
15:59:36  <SinisterRectus>why would hexchat have that
15:59:55  <Soni>so I don't need to pack 100 precompiled libs into a single .lua file
16:00:22  <SinisterRectus>can you use require in a hexchat script
16:00:28  <Soni>yeah
16:00:35  <Soni>but how do you install the libs?
16:00:38  <Soni>you don't!
16:00:44  <Soni>you pack precompiled libs!
16:00:55  <Soni>all 100 of them!
16:01:05  <Soni>or more, depdending on how many you actually need
16:01:37  <Soni>(I say 100, but I'm including all lua version + OS combinations)
16:01:40  <SinisterRectus>i've never written a hexchat script so i can't help you there
16:02:02  <Soni>look, just give me the precompiled libs, I'll do the rest
16:02:12  <Soni>make sure to statically link libuv
16:03:59  <SinisterRectus>link it with what
16:05:33  <Soni>luv
16:05:46  <Soni>luv with static/built-in libuv
16:07:12  <SinisterRectus>oh, i think that's the default behavior
16:08:02  <SinisterRectus>https://github.com/luvit/luv/blob/master/Makefile#L9
16:08:42  <Soni>how. do. I. get. precompiled. all the things.
16:08:46  <SinisterRectus>you don't.
16:10:52  <SinisterRectus>/can't
16:10:57  <Soni>why. not.
16:12:30  <SinisterRectus>because no one, as far as i know, is hosting luv compiled for every platform and configuration
16:12:35  <SinisterRectus>and because you can use luarocks to build it
16:12:52  <Soni>I cannot use luarocks to build it.
16:12:54  <Soni>not in this case.
16:12:59  <SinisterRectus>why not
16:13:00  <Soni>because fucking hexchat.
16:13:08  <SinisterRectus>you said hexchat has a require
16:13:20  <Soni>plus, I'd still have to include luarocks and all its dependencies in the single .lua file.
16:13:37  <Soni>and a threading lib, so it doesn't block the main thread.
16:15:12  <SinisterRectus>have you tried installing luv with luarocks
16:19:47  * Soniquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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16:26:09  <Soni> <Soni> and a threading lib, so it doesn't block the main thread.
16:26:13  <Soni>what did I miss?
16:26:16  <Soni>(power died)
16:27:43  <SinisterRectus><SinisterRectus> have you tried installing luv with luarocks
16:28:17  <SinisterRectus>it should give you a dynamic library that you can port around
16:28:17  <Soni>from hexchat's main thread?
16:28:20  <Soni>no, not yet
16:28:35  <SinisterRectus>from your console.. command prompt, bash, whatever you use to run luarocks
16:28:45  <Soni>how is that user-friendly?
16:29:06  <SinisterRectus>it's very easy (on linux, not so much on windows)
16:29:47  <Soni>so how can an end user do that while installing a hexchat plugin?
16:30:04  <SinisterRectus>that, i don't know. i've never written a plugin.
16:30:47  <Soni>so stop telling me to effectively bundle luarocks with my plugin
16:31:13  <Soni>... and a c compiler, I guess. because the end user probably doesn't have one.
16:32:35  <Soni>really, precompiled all the things is the way to go
16:32:40  <Soni>except for precompiled bytecode
16:34:04  <Soni>so how can I get precompiled luv for all OSes and lua versions hexchat can run on?
16:34:13  <Soni>(about 54 combinations)
16:39:21  <SinisterRectus>as i've already said, it doesn't exist. you're going to have to compile it yourself or use luarocks. if you can't accept that, then you're not going to be able to do what you want to do.
16:40:33  <Soni>who can I pay to give me the 54 compiled binaries I need?
16:40:53  <SinisterRectus>the luvi binaries exist, probably because it's more relevant to the user than luv is. luv is for developers. also because you don't have to worry about which lua version to use there.
16:41:22  <SinisterRectus>i wish i could help you compile it for every platform, but i've never been able to do it on windows and i don't have a mac
16:41:25  <Soni>luv is for anyone who can't use luvi
16:41:37  <Soni>like someone working with hexchat
16:42:17  <SinisterRectus>could you put your plugin on luarocks and include luv as a dependency?
16:44:55  <Soni>no
16:45:01  <Soni>because it doesn't work like that
16:45:21  <Soni>what's so hard to understand about "I NEED to do it this way because it's the official way"?
16:45:48  <SinisterRectus>...
16:46:20  <SinisterRectus>if you need to do it a certain way, then do it that way
16:46:21  <SinisterRectus>on your own
16:46:33  <Soni>but I need the binaries
16:46:41  <Soni>and I don't have a mac
18:26:33  * rendarquit (Quit: std::lower_bound + std::less_equal *works* with a vector without duplicates!)