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04:18:29  <creationix>Soni: what do you mean?
04:18:50  <creationix>luajit bytecode is platform neutral (assuming same version of luajit)
04:19:15  <Soni>creationix: how do I pack lit and luvit such that I can upgrade luvi without worrying about re-packing lit and luvit?
04:19:27  <Soni>when using fakeluvi
04:19:37  <creationix>well, disable the packing then
04:19:44  <creationix>not that repacking is that hard
04:20:00  <creationix>(as long as you have the original sources)
04:20:25  <Soni>it's a pain when you're the one maintaining the AUR packages
04:25:26  <creationix>send a PR to lit to enable disabling the packing in a flag (if it's not there already. I don't remember if I added it)
04:25:37  <creationix>but I really want something like fakeluvi being the default build
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