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02:56:39  <volga629>Hello Everyone, I am trying understand how thinks works with luvit and getting error when trying run hello script
02:56:40  <volga629>/home/tim/luvi/src/lua/luvibundle.lua:277: ERROR: /usr/share/doc/lua-luvit-doc/examples/app/server-hello.lua is not a zip file or a folder
02:57:08  <volga629>Is any doc how to setup correctly
02:57:47  <volga629>just trying use one of the examples
03:05:15  <volga629>look like compile problem
03:05:59  <volga629>that really good 'http server listening on'
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03:26:25  <volga629>Here are the issue
03:26:26  <volga629>https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/x8dCfnPte1EEJi5qIAMslQ
03:26:39  <volga629>both binary is the same
03:26:43  <volga629>strange
03:29:15  <volga629>if I execute from build directory ./luvit it works
03:29:18  <SinisterRectus>run luvit, not luvi
03:29:40  <volga629>yes, I execute luvit
03:29:52  <volga629>I am trying generate rpm
03:30:13  <SinisterRectus>luvit file.lua
03:30:39  <volga629>that the error /home/tim/luvi/src/lua/luvibundle.lua:277: ERROR: /usr/share/doc/lua-luvit-doc/examples/app/server-hello.lua is not a zip file or a folder
03:31:00  <SinisterRectus>that's a luvi error
03:31:03  <SinisterRectus>are you running luvi or luvit
03:31:10  <volga629>luvit
03:31:24  <SinisterRectus>what command are you executing
03:31:41  <volga629>I created rpm for spec and binary installed in /usr/bin
03:31:47  <volga629>from
03:32:13  <SinisterRectus>you installed luvit via rpm?
03:32:26  <volga629>[volga629@canldev01-fedora25 lua-luvit-2.14.2]$ luvit /usr/share/doc/lua-luvit-doc/examples/app/server-hello.lua
03:32:26  <volga629>/home/tim/luvi/src/lua/luvibundle.lua:277: ERROR: /usr/share/doc/lua-luvit-doc/examples/app/server-hello.lua is not a zip file or a folder
03:32:39  <volga629>yes I am building rpm
03:32:59  <SinisterRectus>run luvit -v
03:33:18  <volga629>[volga629@canldev01-fedora25 lua-luvit-2.14.2]$ luvit -v
03:33:18  <volga629>luvit v2.7.6
03:33:18  <volga629>rex: 8.37 2015-04-28
03:33:18  <volga629>libuv: 1.9.1
03:33:18  <volga629>ssl: OpenSSL 1.0.2h 3 May 2016, lua-openssl 0.5.1
03:33:32  <SinisterRectus>that's an old version, you should update
03:33:34  <SinisterRectus>https://luvit.io/install.html
03:34:06  <volga629>you mean this
03:34:07  <volga629>curl -L https://github.com/luvit/lit/raw/master/get-lit.sh | sh
03:35:35  <SinisterRectus>well
03:35:38  <volga629>I though I can get the source
03:35:42  <SinisterRectus>it says that's what you do if you're on linux
03:35:42  <volga629>tar ball
03:35:48  <SinisterRectus>you can do that too
03:36:02  <SinisterRectus>just follow the instructions on that page
03:38:06  <volga629>I need to see hot to put in one tar ball
03:38:09  <volga629>how
03:38:32  <volga629>then build all dependency first then luvit
03:39:51  <SinisterRectus>just run the sh script
04:06:42  <volga629>if I install into /usr/bin show version 2.14 if I install through rpmbuild -ba shows version 2.7.6
04:08:04  <volga629>[volga629@canldev01-fedora25 ~]$ luvit -v
04:08:04  <volga629>luvit v2.7.6
04:10:05  <volga629>that really strange
04:11:12  <volga629>is it should work with 5.3 ?
04:12:38  <volga629>during the build getting warning
04:12:39  <volga629>WARNING 0010: file '/usr/bin/luvi' contains an empty rpath in [::::::::::::::]
04:23:56  <volga629>some thing breaks binary
04:24:05  <volga629>or issue in binary
04:26:46  <volga629>look like some place linkage is not working
05:02:33  <volga629>check this out
05:02:34  <volga629>https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/FS1EStiaZiSexqvgmWcbbg
05:03:10  <volga629>inside build directory binary is ok and correct size if I copy to bin it different file
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15:08:35  <volga629>Hello Everyone, trying generate RPM for fedora based os and having issue with binary files. When it packaged in rpm it breaks when just copy /usr/bin manually it looks ok ?
15:12:15  <volga629>https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/GQxw0xZiwhoeYYulWP2~7w
15:17:44  <volga629>https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/5nPIZME9BCS26r67j4tR7Q
15:18:14  <volga629>luvit same as luvi binary
15:19:24  <volga629>when inside build directory, luvit binary looks ok
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19:14:20  <rphillips>volga629: can't strip the binary
19:16:28  <volga629>what is mean ?
19:17:21  <rphillips>there is a unix command called 'strip' that removes various sections from an executable, and most packaging steps will strip the binary
19:17:42  <rphillips>the luvi and luvit binary need to be installed without the packaging steps to strip it
19:18:13  <rphillips>volga629: https://github.com/virgo-agent-toolkit/rackspace-monitoring-agent/blob/90886d335350fb94f42e6befc1420adc19918889/CMakeLists.txt#L141
19:18:26  <rphillips>looks like we do that with setting CPACK_RPM_SPEC_INSTALL_POST to /bin/true
19:19:02  <volga629>I will b back soon to dig around
20:00:10  <volga629>I am back
20:03:16  * rendarquit (Quit: std::lower_bound + std::less_equal *works* with a vector without duplicates!)
20:06:06  <volga629>ok so in spec file
20:06:07  <volga629>%global __strip /bin/true
20:08:22  <volga629>yes that worked
20:08:35  <volga629>[volga629@canldev01-fedora25 SPECS]$ luvit -v
20:08:36  <volga629>luvit version: 2.14.2
20:08:36  <volga629>luvi version: v2.7.6
20:08:36  <volga629>rex version: 8.37 2015-04-28
20:08:36  <volga629>libuv version: 1.9.1
20:08:36  <volga629>ssl version: OpenSSL 1.0.2h 3 May 2016, lua-openssl 0.5.1
20:09:20  <volga629>solution is set in spec file %global __strip /usr/bin/true
20:11:37  <volga629>rphillips thank you for help
20:11:49  <rphillips>np
20:48:21  <Soni>rphillips: pretty sure luvi works fine with strip. maybe you're thinking of lit?
20:48:34  <rphillips>Soni: luvit or lit
20:48:43  <rphillips>anything embedded with a luvi binary
20:48:53  <Soni>yes, but stripping luvi itself is fine, right?
20:49:00  <rphillips>yes, should be
20:49:22  <Soni>also I personally prefer using fakeluvi for the system-wide luvit and lit
20:49:33  <rphillips>fakeluvi?
20:49:47  <Soni>rphillips: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/lit/
20:50:02  <Soni>rphillips: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/fakeluvi?h=lit
20:50:21  <rphillips>nice
20:50:36  <Soni>rphillips: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=lit#n28
20:51:23  <rphillips>that is a cool trick :)
20:51:28  <Soni>this lets you update luvi without (necessarily) having to update luvit and lit (unless luajit changes or something)
20:52:53  <Soni>those packages are probably out of date but nobody's flagging them so idk
21:34:14  <songgao>Hey I tried https://www.realartists.com/ today and it ended up installing a webhook for every single repo that I have permission on. Thought I should report here since it includes several under github.com/luvit
21:34:47  <songgao>And https://github.com/virgo-agent-toolkit too. Sorry!
21:35:05  <rphillips>songgao: np. miss you!
21:36:04  <songgao>rphillips: miss you too! Hope you had a great birthday :D
21:36:14  <rphillips>hey, thanks :)
21:36:17  <rphillips>sure did
21:52:38  <Soni>birthday?
22:03:27  <songgao>Soni yup it was Ryan's birthday 2 days ago :)
22:04:12  <Soni>oh
22:04:30  <Soni>happy belated birthday rphillips
22:04:40  <rphillips>thanks :)
22:13:50  <songgao>I've cleanup all of them in luvit org and virgo-agent-toolkit org. (hope I didn't click a wrong button removing other stuff). Sorry for the hassles!