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13:03:21  <Industrial>Hi.
13:03:56  <Industrial>I've installed luvit and lit from source on OSX. I come from Node.js (Don't worry, ma'am. I'm from the internet!).
13:04:17  <Industrial>Can I use lit like NPM, to list, search for, install and remove packages/dependencies ?
15:02:15  <SinisterRectus>there are fewer features (you have to manually remove or update packages), but the idea is the same
15:02:45  <SinisterRectus>looks like the main server is down again though
16:52:21  <Industrial>SinisterRectus: I didn't find a way to search packages with lit, and yeah, the server appears to be down :<
16:54:31  <SinisterRectus>https://luvit.io/lit.html
16:55:38  <SinisterRectus>https://github.com/luvit/luvit.io/blob/master/static/lit-browser.js
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19:50:51  <Industrial>SinisterRectus: Do you use Moonscript ?
19:51:08  <Industrial>I am wondering how to use Moonscript's extend keyword with core.Emitter
19:51:40  <Industrial>e.g. class FSM extends core.Emitter
19:51:53  <Industrial>works but my "instance" of FSM doesn't get :on
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20:25:10  <SinisterRectus>i'm not sure that the two are compatible
20:25:43  <SinisterRectus>moonscript's OO is an extension of the language, luvit's is just lua stuff
20:26:20  <SinisterRectus>you can extend core.Emitter, though
20:27:04  <SinisterRectus>https://github.com/luvit/luvit/blob/master/deps/core.lua#L146
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21:30:25  <Industrial>SinisterRectus: Ok.
21:30:50  <Industrial>Is there a way to inspect a table? print it with a max of x levels
21:31:42  <SinisterRectus>luvit has a pretty-printer. just call p(tbl)
21:31:49  <SinisterRectus>it will print the whole thing though
21:39:34  <Industrial>SinisterRectus: prettyPrint.print myTable gives me
21:39:52  <Industrial>table: 0x02740260
21:41:37  <Industrial>Can I use Luarocks in Luvit ?
21:42:55  <SinisterRectus>anything that runs on luajit will run on luvit, but i don't think you can directly install rocks to a luvit installation
21:43:13  <SinisterRectus>and i didn't say to use prettyPrint.print
21:43:15  <SinisterRectus>i said use p
21:43:31  <SinisterRectus>prettyPrint.print is a redefined print, as the comments say
21:43:41  <SinisterRectus>"just call p(tbl)"
21:45:16  <Industrial>hmm, okay
21:45:33  <Industrial>nice :)
22:19:44  <Industrial>I can't use lit still right?
23:00:41  <SinisterRectus>not until creationix puts it back up
23:01:26  <SinisterRectus>what packages are you looking for
23:23:36  <Industrial>I'm just starting out with luvit. With Node.js I am using Next.js which is a Server Side Rendering React server and has Hot Module Reloading, but I won't ask that of luvit :P
23:24:08  <Industrial>I guess I'll build HTTP/REST services so I'll need a router
23:50:31  <SinisterRectus>something like this? https://github.com/creationix/weblit