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20:06:02  <Soni>how do I use bitcoin with luvit?
20:37:46  <rphillips>you send me bitcoins to work on luvit :p
20:49:02  <Soni>rphillips: I mean how do I make it so you need to pay my IRC bot $5 to play a game of tic tac toe with someone
20:49:44  <rphillips>i just did a btc sell yesterday and it hasn't confirmed yet...
20:49:50  <rphillips>i suggest ethereum or something else
20:49:55  <rphillips>coinbase has an API
20:50:25  <Soni>rphillips: I don't want coinbase
20:51:30  <Soni>rphillips: so uh what about litecoin?
20:52:03  <rphillips>litecoin might be a good option as well... haven't researched that one all that much
20:57:04  <Soni>rphillips: so uh, I want RPC, can I do that?
20:57:47  <rphillips>i think creationix has an rpc that he has written
21:21:04  * rendarquit (Quit: std::lower_bound + std::less_equal *works* with a vector without duplicates!)