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19:41:30  <creationix>SinisterRectus I mean I've had to personally fix many bugs in the nasty miniz code, but once they are fixed I guess it's pretty good
19:41:40  <creationix>still really ugly code though, just don't look under the hood
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21:38:07  <creationix>rphillips have you ever considered using a dockerfile to build the linux version of luvi?
21:38:19  <creationix>it should work from a max host assuming docker-for-mac or something
21:38:39  <Soni>can I use luvit for one of these? https://jk.gs/gitremote-helpers.html
21:39:01  <creationix>I'd really like to get a static version of luvi, even if it means using PUC lua 5.1 or 5.2
21:39:42  <creationix>Soni it should work well for that
21:41:03  <creationix>Soni what custom transport do you have in mind?
21:41:24  <creationix>I've always wanted to make something websocket based so that browser clients could use it too
21:42:47  <Soni>creationix, git clone dcc://SoniGit@irc.freenode.net/creationix/luvit.git
21:43:23  <creationix>is dcc some sort of irc related protocol? Sounds neat
21:43:27  <Soni>the SoniGit is the IRC nick to connect as, the creationix after the / is the IRC nick to connect to
21:43:48  <Soni>DCC is used to send files
21:44:09  <creationix>so my irc bouncer would need to know to host these files?
21:44:40  <Soni>or you could make a creationix_git bot
21:45:02  <creationix>it's certainly a novel way to distribute packages
21:45:03  <Soni>or you could connect it to your bouncer and let it handle the git stuff
21:45:51  <Soni>freenode staff don't like it tho, so I wouldn't recommend doing it on freenode :P
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23:10:17  <rphillips>Soni: creationix there is support for the holy build https://github.com/phusion/holy-build-box
23:10:25  <rphillips>it just creates massive binaries
23:11:07  <SinisterRectus>oh, that's a shame about miniz then. i did look at the lua bindings briefly to figure out that i was missing an argument. didn't take a look at anything else, but i'll take your advice there.
23:13:07  <Soni>rphillips, uh what does that have to do with me?
23:30:46  <rphillips>sorry, I misread the thread