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19:49:03  <Soni>creationix, does either luvi or luvit have a VFS API?
19:49:19  <creationix>not really
19:49:26  <creationix>the bundle API in luvi is like a vfs
19:49:32  <creationix>is works on either a zip file or a folder
19:49:47  <creationix>but nothing overrides the fs module if that is what you mean
19:50:16  <Soni>I wanna make a modular bot that uses a VFS instead of using the FS directly
19:51:17  <Soni>can I do that?
19:52:48  <creationix>just design a fs API and then implement backends for it
19:53:04  <creationix>the coro-fs interface would be a nice one
19:53:35  <creationix>then you get one backend for free and libraries written against coro-fs can drop-in replace with your vfs
19:53:37  <Soni>I want it to be pluggable
19:53:48  <creationix>the problem is it's fairly low-level and deals with things like file descriptors
19:53:55  <creationix>so you'll have to simulate those for every backend
19:55:23  <Soni>I want modules being able to use vfs to provide and use things, similarly to /proc
19:56:33  <creationix>so you want a mount system like unix filesystems
19:57:09  <creationix>that's fairly easy, just keep a list of your mountpoints and use that when traversing paths to make sure each path segment goes to the right filesystem plugin
19:57:09  <Soni>yeah
19:57:31  <creationix>though fuse bindings might be funner
19:57:47  <creationix>then you can make real unix mountpoints with arbitrary backends
19:59:07  <Soni>but I don't want to mess with the real FS
19:59:21  <creationix>ok, then no fuse
19:59:24  <Soni>what if I wanna use a block device for the VFS?
19:59:33  <creationix>what do you mean?
19:59:37  <Soni>sudo bot.lua raw /dev/sdc1
19:59:56  <creationix>so implement your own filesystem?
19:59:56  <Soni>where `raw` is the VFS driver
20:00:31  <Soni>so I need to make my own API?
20:01:47  <creationix>design your own or reuse an existing one
20:02:08  <Soni>ok
20:02:24  <Soni>hmm...
20:02:33  <Soni>creationix, does luvit come with built-in chroot?
20:02:47  <creationix>the coro-fs api has a chroot of sorts
20:02:57  <creationix>just returns a new set of functions that insert a path prefix
20:03:20  <Soni>hmm
20:03:27  <Soni>should I even have the thing as part of the bot...
20:04:09  <Soni>`luvit vfs.lua luvit bot.lua`...
20:04:25  <Soni>idk
20:04:50  <creationix>up to you
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