01:02:32  <daurnimator>Yorlik: https://daurnimator.github.io/lua-http/#http.websocket
01:05:18  <Yorlik>Looks nice.
01:05:25  <Yorlik>So this depends on cqueue?
01:06:21  <Yorlik>If I understand this right you made something very similar to copas?
01:10:47  <Yorlik>So does this work on windows? cqueues doesn't support windows.
01:11:00  <Yorlik>It will take a while until we have Linux support
01:11:05  <Yorlik>Unfortunately
01:11:22  <daurnimator>Yorlik: ah okay
01:11:32  <daurnimator>Yorlik: sadly cqueues doesn't support windows (yet)
01:12:15  <Yorlik>I need to get a copas based lua-websocket client up i think.
01:12:30  <Yorlik>Or I use luv and finally manage to compile luv reliably
01:12:59  <Yorlik>Actually I'd prefer this, for ease of learning.
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13:50:24  <Yorlik>OMG ....
13:51:06  <Yorlik>One thing is really the curse of the Luaworld: Every author is modifying require and in the end nothing fits together.
13:57:43  * Yorlikis trying to adapt stuff and utterly fails.
14:19:12  <Yorlik>At least it seems I could reproduce building luv
14:44:35  * rgrinbergjoined
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15:36:05  <APNG>Yorlik, add new loaders, don't modify require
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19:51:36  <Yorlik>APNG what loaders? I do not yet have the slightest overview. Are you talking of these "init" things. In my environment require is already modded by the developers of the application I am modding for.
19:51:58  <Yorlik>I should get the luvit require working and just rename it
19:52:23  <APNG>Yorlik, package.loaders/package.searchers or something
19:55:31  <Yorlik>Where in this whole puzzle of libuv, luvi, lit and weblit has require been changed?
19:56:17  <APNG>creationix, luvit 3.0 soon please
19:57:12  <Yorlik>After all what I'm trying to do is not the standard use of luvit.
19:57:32  <Yorlik>I'm trying to embed it into an existing Lua system which is used to script an application
19:57:45  <Yorlik>Actually NLUa based on Lua5.2
19:57:52  <APNG>blame creationix :P
19:58:05  <creationix>:P
19:59:09  <Yorlik>The good thing is, I have access to the native lua require
19:59:41  <Yorlik>creationix: I finally managed to repeat my luv make
19:59:56  <creationix>yay
20:00:45  <Yorlik>Built libuv manually on its owm same with Lua and then luv, moved the dependencies manually to /release, renamed libuv.lib to uv.lib and upgraded the project to my version of visual studio
20:00:53  <Yorlik>Still something is very odd
20:00:59  <Yorlik>The library is so small
20:01:43  <Yorlik>My luv.dll is 297 KB only
20:02:08  <Yorlik>it exports only 4 functions or so
20:02:18  <Yorlik>I must have installe libuv.dll in my system
20:02:23  <Yorlik>I must have installed libuv.dll in my system
20:02:27  <Yorlik>oops
20:02:45  <Yorlik>Forgot editing in IRC doesn't work - too much Discord these days
20:05:33  <Yorlik>creationix: When I want to have the coro-xyz framework in my Lua app - what would I need to do to intergrate it? luv I have so far, but the require is a different beast, right ?
20:06:04  <Yorlik>require in my world is a medded version by the developers of the gameserver, but I have accerss to the native Lua require.
20:06:51  <creationix>the coro libraries are fairly easy to use in a normal require environment
20:06:56  <creationix>just add the deps folder to package.pack
20:07:01  <creationix>I think that would work
20:07:05  <creationix>*package.path
20:07:14  <Yorlik>so I would just rename all the reuires to native require?
20:08:03  <Yorlik>luv is required as global "uv"
20:08:08  <Yorlik>that works
20:08:15  <Yorlik>I could make a simple echo server with it
20:08:33  <creationix>I make a tiny module called 'uv.lua' that contains `return require 'luv'`
20:09:47  <Yorlik>that would be return LoadExternalmodule "luv" in my case
20:09:57  <Yorlik>which is the renaqmed banilla require
20:10:05  <Yorlik>oh my typing .. sry
20:17:33  <Yorlik>Time to learn package properly
21:42:38  * rendarquit (Quit: std::lower_bound + std::less_equal *works* with a vector without duplicates!)
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23:40:42  <APNG>creationix, luvit 3.0 soon please?
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