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02:47:11  <Yorlik>Hello !
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06:24:18  <^v>APNG, in-kernel?
06:24:46  <^v>as in kernelmode
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09:07:35  * Yorlikpart ("Leaving")
11:00:17  <APNG>^v, https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/the-birth-and-death-of-javascript
11:02:10  <^v>APNG, the death and death of js
11:03:33  <APNG>^v, the talk is sarcasm but it accurately represents reality
11:03:48  <APNG>trump wins, war begins, we get in-kernel JS
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17:30:31  <creationix>APNG no, there is no concept of "provides" aliases in lit
17:30:45  <APNG>aw
17:30:54  <creationix>it does have a different concept where it will include certain platform specific modules
17:31:17  <creationix>I'm not again the idea of decoupling dependencies with providers
17:31:30  <creationix>it's the interface you care about, not what's actually prioviding it
17:31:33  <creationix>*providing
17:31:47  <APNG>creationix, does lit support alias/global packages?
17:32:35  <creationix>not really
17:32:53  <APNG>creationix, does lit support symlinks?
17:33:13  <APNG>well uh
17:33:19  <APNG>that wouldn't really be a feature of lit, would it...
17:33:22  <creationix>are you asking about what lit is able to automatically install or what luvit's require is able to use
17:33:26  <creationix>lit is a much stricter subset
17:33:36  <APNG>good point
17:33:41  <creationix>luvit's require resolution algorithm is pretty flexible
17:33:52  <creationix>you just need to manually put files where you want them for the edge cases
17:34:28  <creationix>for example, if you go to the root of your home directory and lit install some packages, they will be global to all luvit projects within your home folder
17:34:48  <APNG>would be cool if there was a lit "deconstructor" that'd break packages apart and link to their dependencies rather than storing the full dependencies
17:35:24  <creationix>yeah, that would be neat. I've needed something like that when I'm developing dependencies and the app itself at the same time
17:35:28  <creationix>npm link is close
17:35:41  <creationix>it's not a feature in lit yet
17:36:19  <APNG>would be useful in storage-constrained environments
17:36:45  <APNG>(if you wanna have a lot of luvit apps running at the same time)
17:37:09  <APNG>but it's just an idea
17:37:27  <creationix>but is it even a problem?
17:37:37  <creationix>lit packages are designed to be tiny by default (unlike npm modules)
17:37:37  <APNG>idk
17:37:46  <APNG>I'm just comparing lit to a real package manager
17:37:59  <creationix>it is a problem with npm when a blank angular 2 app contains hundreds of thousands of files taking up 500mb
17:38:38  <creationix>the philosophy with lit is to handle the common path and allow manual fixes for edge cases
17:38:40  <APNG>well you are right that the luvit ecosystem is... practically nonexistant
17:38:54  <creationix>and that, there is simply less here
17:39:07  <creationix>but what there is, is much tighter.
17:39:11  <APNG>for now
17:39:58  <creationix>also I'd love a CAS based backend for dependencies
17:40:10  <creationix>(CAS = Content Addressable Storage)
17:40:22  <creationix>duplicate files would only exist once in the database
17:40:49  <creationix>that's how it's all stored internally in lit's database. We could simply teach luvit to require directly out of the lit database
17:43:14  <APNG>the local lit database, right?
17:43:36  <creationix>I don't want to blindly copy all of npm's features. Especially features that only exist to fix problems created by npm's design. I'd rather fix those design issues at their root
17:44:00  <creationix>right, the local database
17:44:07  <creationix>which is just a cached version of the global database
17:44:08  <APNG>well just force everyone to adopt the unix philosophy
17:44:15  <creationix>(subset of the public database)
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23:09:03  <Yorlik>Hell !
23:09:07  <Yorlik>o
23:09:57  <Yorlik>I'm still struggling to build luv on 32 bit windows against lua52 - anyone got a working recipe?
23:10:12  <Yorlik>What I saw on the git is not working at all for me
23:28:37  <APNG>Yorlik, given who wrote it, I'd say good luck
23:29:40  <APNG>Yorlik, it can be made to work but don't ask me how
23:32:56  <Yorlik>I tried cmake, VS2015, msys2, MinGW ... a mix of all ... noi luck
23:33:07  <Yorlik>Hacked into the Cmake List file
23:54:05  <APNG>Yorlik, get creationix to give you a list of all programs they have installed
23:54:18  <APNG>as well as all configs and versions
23:54:21  <APNG>and plugins
23:54:22  <APNG>and so on
23:54:28  <Yorlik>OMG lol
23:54:44  <Yorlik>Maybe he could just send me his harddisk .. ;)
23:55:06  <APNG>the easiest way to build the things he makes is to use his system