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00:55:01  <daurnimator>creationix: btw, I think luv should support multiple loops per lua state
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03:10:52  <konobi>daurnimator: an hour?
03:15:25  <daurnimator>konobi: is that a question? or a statement that you have an hour now
03:15:37  <daurnimator>creationix: btw, I just booked (partially) flights to the workshop this year
03:38:37  <creationix>daurnimator: cool, we should be able to go to workshop as well since we're in SF about every quarter anyway
03:38:48  <creationix>I get to go to luaconf this year which is exciting
03:39:28  <creationix>Also I think luv does support multiple loops per state via the experimental threading stuff
03:39:50  <creationix>I could be wrong though and it's a unique state per thread
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