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00:24:33  <daurnimator>creationix: have you tested out luaossl on windows?
00:24:39  <daurnimator>(I haven't)
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02:26:38  <Guest85405>is there a way to get luarocks/lit to install things in deps?
02:29:12  <Guest85405>(konobi here... don't have my ident creds locally at the moment)
02:35:20  <daurnimator>Guest85405: luarocks has a --tree argument. I don't think it's what you want though?
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02:37:18  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#890 (master - d2b924f : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
02:37:19  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/7557d04a0c9d...d2b924f4cb46
02:37:19  <travis-ci>Build details : https://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/124920315
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02:37:30  <Guest85405>daurnimator: nah... was hoping to use lua-TestMore with luvit... but not sure how to achieve that sanely
02:41:18  <Guest85405>(ie, i'd like to ship the dependencies with the app, so need it local to repo)
02:41:31  <rphillips>Guest85405: i think you would need to write code in a coroutine manner to use lua-testMore
02:42:30  <Guest85405>possibly... there's luvit/tap... but it doesn't have the same assertion functions that TestMore does
02:43:02  <rphillips>true
02:43:21  <rphillips>lit install org/packagename will install a package into deps/
02:46:09  <Guest85405>and luarocks will install to somewhere random
02:49:38  <rphillips>ah. sorry. no experience with the luarocks ecosystem
02:55:51  <Guest85405>creationix: also wondering... how easy is it to play around with how require works?
03:00:50  <Guest85405>for mocked goodness
03:03:34  <daurnimator>Guest85405: I don't see why you'd need to...
03:03:42  <daurnimator>Guest85405: but require has well defined semantics
03:04:01  <daurnimator>Guest85405: check out the docs for pacakge.searchers (package.loaders in 5.1)
03:04:25  <Guest85405>daurnimator: to be able to override both external and internal modules for unit testing
03:04:41  <daurnimator>Guest85405: see package.preload for that.
03:04:48  <Guest85405>ta
03:05:04  <Guest85405>man... lua seems to have all the proper hooks in the right places
03:06:02  <daurnimator>*cough* unlike js's *cough* brand new module system *splutter*
03:07:38  <Guest85405>the one that's not even defined yet?
03:07:41  <Guest85405>=0)
03:08:10  <daurnimator>oh it's defined... they even introduced new syntax for it
03:08:12  <daurnimator>sigh
03:08:58  <Guest85405>the import/export syntax was defined for ES6, but that's basically just reserving syntax... actual module loading is only in es7, which is still totally in flux
03:09:15  <Guest85405>there's no such thing as "es6 modules" yet
03:09:32  <daurnimator>Guest85405: it's called ES2015 modules.
03:09:45  <daurnimator>:P
03:09:49  <Guest85405>still not part of es6 though
03:10:30  <daurnimator>yeah I guess....
03:10:35  <daurnimator>which is even worse, lol.
03:10:47  <daurnimator>they introduced new syntax without the defined semantics
03:10:47  <Guest85405>a bunch of transpiler folk have gotten far too ahead of themseles
03:11:04  <daurnimator>when they could have got the semantics they wanted *without* new syntax
03:11:19  <Guest85405>yeah... plain ol' destructuring, right!?
03:11:51  <daurnimator>no. no destructing required
03:11:58  <daurnimator>though that does work too
03:12:08  <daurnimator>cause, well, you already have destructuring
03:12:41  <Guest85405>yeah, it's es6 though
03:13:31  <daurnimator>If I ever had to write more than a few JS modules I'd just use lua style and wrap them in something to get js working
03:13:56  <daurnimator>or you could go the other way too. which probably makes *more* sense
03:14:14  <Guest85405>mkay... i think i've got a reasonable amount of this init app down in steps
03:15:56  <daurnimator>loadfile for js would essentially be: function loadfile(path) { var data = fd.readFileSync(path); var func = Function(data); return func; }
03:19:08  <Guest85405>well, there's some benefit to commonjs
03:20:21  <daurnimator>to get "common js" modules working you'd wrap the file contents with: var module = {exports:{}, id: new_uuid(); uri: /*stack introspection to get current uri*/}; var exports = module.exports; var require = function(name) { /* fix relative paths */ }; <COMMONJS HERE> ;return module.exports;
03:23:43  <daurnimator>not that I've ever actually seen anyone use module.id or module.uri
03:33:44  <Guest85405>i've seen id used, but uri isn't used in node at all
03:36:51  <daurnimator>Guest85405: you get my point though?
03:37:35  <Guest85405>kinda
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03:48:52  <SinisterRectus>is it normal for the windows vesion of luvit to have a memory limit of 512 MB?
03:49:27  <Guest85405>32bit or 64bit?
03:50:04  <SinisterRectus>that i don't know.. it's the copy and paste install from luvit.io
03:50:38  <SinisterRectus>64 bit windows*
03:50:42  <SinisterRectus>i don't know what luvit is
03:50:55  <SinisterRectus>my linux installation of luvix goes to at least 1 GB
03:51:27  <Guest85405>try building it for yourself and see if it behaves better
03:52:46  <SinisterRectus>i honestly wouldn't know where to start to do that. i'm one of those 'only knows how to use scripting languages' programmers
03:53:17  <SinisterRectus>nbd though, was just curious
03:54:04  <Guest85405>i know lua has a bit of a 32bit vs 64bit woe... but not sure how that extends
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05:19:50  <daurnimator>konobi: you mean luajit. puc-rio lua has no such issue.
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13:25:38  <rphillips>creationix: https://github.com/luvit/luvit/pull/888
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17:43:48  <konobi>daurnimator: aye
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