22:38:21  * creationixtopic: http://luvit.io | https://gitter.im/luvit/luvit | IRC Logs at http://logs.nodejs.org/luvit/latest
22:39:04  <creationix>kostco, the issue to pr ratio is a bit high, yeah
22:39:25  <creationix>I think that means we're becoming more mainstream
22:41:35  * sclark39quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:43:02  <kostco>dear god thats horrifying
22:43:54  <kostco>welcome to opensource, where the contributers are dicks, the users are dicks, the corporations are dicks and noones going to thank you or pay you. more complaints + issues == success!
22:45:54  <kostco>http://www.coglib.com/~icordasc/blog/2015/11/corporations-and-oss-do-not-mix.html
22:58:38  <creationix>kostco, actually most luvit contributors are quite friendly
22:59:15  <kostco>yep, not as popular as node yet
22:59:32  <creationix>that's an understatement
22:59:52  <creationix>we're about where node was in early 2009, except luvit has been going for years instead of weeks
23:00:03  <creationix>much slower growth
23:01:39  <creationix>hmm, I can't seem to publish to lit anymore
23:01:56  <creationix>rphillips, you got the "Signature verification failure" error a while ago right?
23:02:03  <creationix>any idea what caused it or how to fix it?
23:02:21  <creationix>I did delete a ton of my old ssh keys from github, but my current machine is in the list
23:02:51  <rphillips>creationix: yeah, just last week or so
23:03:08  <creationix>hmm, looks like lit revoked the keys I deleted, but didn't add the new ones I added
23:03:28  <creationix>so if you add and remove keys at once (in between lit publishes), it won't get the new keys?
23:03:45  <creationix>no, it did import one key
23:04:57  <creationix>yeah, it imported the key I'm using
23:06:03  <rphillips>i haven't added/removed keys from github in a long time
23:06:30  <rphillips>bumped luvi in the agent as well
23:08:19  <creationix>it's having trouble authing me to the luvit group
23:08:29  <creationix>it's asking github for keys of "luvit" user instead of asking for my keys
23:19:18  * sclark39joined
23:51:02  <creationix>so the issue is the signature didn't match the pattern in the verifier code because it didn't have a newline after the signature
23:51:09  <creationix>I guess openssl changed the output format at some point
23:54:41  <creationix>ok, deployed new lit with signature verification fixes