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13:51:20  * creationixtopic: http://luvit.io | https://gitter.im/luvit/luvit | IRC Logs at http://logs.nodejs.org/luvit/latest
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14:53:08  <Uniaika>\o
14:53:08  <Uniaika>o/
14:53:10  <Uniaika>hohai
14:53:51  <Uniaika>I opened https://github.com/luvit/lit/issues/136
15:04:34  * dan336joined
15:09:48  <Uniaika>hey dan336 o/
15:10:09  <dan336>hey, whats up?
15:11:37  <Uniaika>dan336: well I'm having troubles building lit on a 32-bit mac pro :')
15:12:05  <Uniaika>dan336: mainly because at some point the installer wants to download a unexisting binary release from github
15:12:23  <dan336>ah yeah that would do it.
15:12:36  <dan336>Uniaika: have you tried compiling it from source?
15:13:14  <dan336>but first,
15:13:33  <dan336>you might just want to try downloading the 64-bit version and seeing if it works
15:14:03  <Uniaika>dan336: how do you want me to compile and run a 64bit executable on a 32-bit CPU? <3
15:14:18  <Uniaika>(If you know the trick I'd be glad to hear it)
15:14:29  <dan336>well, if you compile it, it should compile it 23 bit shouldn't it?
15:15:31  <Uniaika>dan336: yeah, of course
15:15:56  <Uniaika>dan336: but the Makefile wants to download a luvi binary for Darwin i386
15:15:57  <Uniaika>:')
15:16:02  <Uniaika>okay, Tim answered
15:16:15  <dan336>ok cool glad he hopped on :)
15:16:42  <dan336>what did he say? I'm just curious
15:18:11  <dan336>ah I see it :) I had to do the same thing when I was testing out a version with a beta version of luajit.
15:19:23  <Uniaika>dan336: now I'm facing the "No such module 'git' in 'bundle:/libs/pkg.lua'" issue :p do you have any hints before I open an issue?
15:20:37  <dan336>yeah you need to run a lit command to fetch the dependencie I think.
15:20:51  <Uniaika>hmm okay
15:20:59  <dan336>*looks for the command
15:21:22  <dan336>path/to/luvi path/to/lit -- install
15:21:38  <dan336>I think that will work if you run it from the path/to/lit folder,
15:21:41  <dan336>except
15:21:50  <dan336>it needs the deps to install itslef… :)
15:21:56  <Uniaika>yeah :')
15:22:30  <dan336>ah
15:22:33  <dan336>its a git submodle
15:22:42  <dan336>so just do a git submodule update —init
15:22:45  <Uniaika>dan336: \o/
15:23:50  <Uniaika>that's something that should be added to the README
15:24:34  <dan336>it is, https://github.com/luvit/luvi#building-from-source
15:24:40  <dan336>git clone --recursive git@github.com:luvit/luvi.git
15:25:12  <dan336>the —recursive flag will pull down all git submodules by default
15:25:13  <Uniaika>dan336: yeah but I'm building lit now :p
15:25:23  <Uniaika>but, okay
15:25:24  <dan336>oh right, wrong repo :)
15:25:36  <Uniaika>x)
15:25:51  <dan336>you are right, that is missing :)
15:31:41  <Uniaika>hmm
15:31:46  <Uniaika> /usr/local/bin/luvi ./lit -- make ./lit /usr/local/bin/luvi
15:31:57  <Uniaika>and it still wants to DL downloading: https://github.com/luvit/luvi/releases/download/v2.3.2/luvi-regular-Darwin_i386
15:32:10  <Uniaika>err, a pair of quotes missing
15:33:44  <Uniaika>dan336, creationix ?
15:33:53  <Uniaika>do you happen to have any idea?
15:34:24  <Uniaika>-happen to
15:39:54  <dan336>well it looks like internally, lit doesn't use the current executable as a starting point for the new one. https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/libs/core.lua#L175-L233
15:40:16  <dan336>well at least not initially.
15:41:33  <dan336>could you run ` /usr/local/bin/luvi -v' ? Looking at the code it could be that the versions don't match up correctly.
15:42:06  <dan336>Uniaika: ^
15:43:05  <Uniaika>/usr/local/bin/luvi v2.3.5-6-g730d0ca
15:43:07  <Uniaika>dan336: ^
15:43:54  <dan336>yep that can't match.
15:43:55  <dan336>https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/libs/core.lua#L201-L202
15:45:54  <Uniaika>dan336: well that's a pity becuase I'm on the 2.3.5 tag
15:45:54  <Uniaika> ~/repos/luvi ❯❯ git branch
15:45:54  <Uniaika>* (HEAD detached at v2.3.5)
15:48:37  <Uniaika>dan336: (I'm a "she" but that's okay :p)
15:48:59  <dan336>Oh I'm sorry.
15:49:51  <Uniaika>it's okay :)
15:53:09  <Uniaika>dan336: oh, you're doing Erlang as well? :)
15:53:23  <dan336>yeah I have :)
15:54:13  <Uniaika>that's cool (^_^) I'm moving between Elixir and Erlang these times, and I wanted to make a Lua plugin for an IRC bot of mine, using Luerl
15:55:42  <dan336>that would be really cool! Elixer is pretty nice :)
15:56:26  <Uniaika>yep'
15:56:54  <rphillips>good morning
15:57:53  <Uniaika>moin moin rphillips o/
16:02:55  <creationix>morning
16:03:07  * creationixwas up very late talking to antirez on twitter
16:03:22  <creationix>Uniaika: let me know if you need more help, I'm up now
16:03:38  <Uniaika>creationix: well, dan336 updated the issue ^^
16:03:57  <dan336>yeah, but its wrong :)
16:04:36  <Uniaika>\o/
16:06:47  <dan336>something is off with the custom luvi that Uniaika built, and its not matching what lit it expecting, so it is trying do download a prebuilt version of luvi, which doesn't exist. :)
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16:15:36  <Uniaika>creationix: do you know why the 2.3.5 tag produces "2.3.5-6-g730d0ca"?
16:16:51  <dan336>Uniaika: I'm sorry I led you down the wrong path with that, that version works perfectly with the regex.
16:17:09  * tfnicoquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:17:14  <Uniaika>well, well, well…
16:17:21  <Uniaika>dan336: now that's mysterious
16:18:16  <dan336>yeah
16:18:23  <dan336>so right now two things could be failing,
16:18:28  <dan336>this if statement https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/libs/core.lua#L198
16:18:36  <dan336>or this one https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/libs/core.lua#L203
16:19:17  * tfnico_changed nick to tfnico
16:19:33  <dan336>if either one one those fails, then lit will try to download the binary (which doesn't work)
16:20:04  <dan336>so if you are up for some debugging, you could put in some log() statements before those if statements to see exactly which cases are failing.
16:21:00  <dan336>Uniaika: maybe log the results of each chack, and the values of each to narrow down why exactly it is failing.
16:21:14  <Uniaika>okay
16:24:50  <creationix>Uniaika: the version should be the output of `git describe`
16:25:10  <creationix>if you're on a clean tag checkout it shouldn't append the extra stuff
16:25:25  <Uniaika>well then it's 2.3.5
16:25:40  <creationix>2.3.5-6-g730d0ca is master
16:25:59  <rphillips>creationix: https://www.corsix.org/content/malicious-luajit-bytecode
16:31:10  <Uniaika>dan336: I've put `log()` functions to display the values, but apparently, the installer is just including core.lua without displaying the logs…
16:31:55  <Uniaika>dan336: http://osgiliath.blackcat.systems/scrot/Screenshot-2015-11-11-17-30-36_1366x768.png
16:34:22  <dan336>really? it should have dumped something out.
16:35:04  <creationix>Uniaika: how are you running lit?
16:36:10  <Uniaika>creationix: I run this command: /usr/local/bin/luvi ./lit -- make ./lit /usr/local/bin/luvi
16:36:24  <Uniaika>and ./lit is the git repo
16:37:25  <creationix>Uniaika: you're missing an arg
16:37:28  <Uniaika>oh
16:37:30  <Uniaika>>_>
16:37:34  <Uniaika>*facepalm*
16:37:45  <creationix>make path/to/lit path/to/output/binary path/to/custom/luvi
16:37:49  <Uniaika>aaah
16:37:52  <Uniaika>custom binary
16:37:56  <Uniaika>let's try again
16:39:25  <Uniaika>now it works \o/
16:39:32  <creationix>awesome, sorry for poor docs
16:40:20  <Uniaika>creationix: no problems, do you mind if I contribute on that topic?
16:40:33  <creationix>no, that would be great
16:41:42  <Uniaika>okay, cool
16:44:06  <creationix>Uniaika: btw, how did you hear about luvit? Have you been using it for a while?
16:44:14  <Uniaika>hmmmm
16:44:15  <Uniaika>ah
16:44:18  <Uniaika>yeah
16:44:41  <Uniaika>creationix: I wanted to start integrating Lua in my IRC bot, written in Elixir (running the Erlang VM)
16:45:10  <Uniaika>and I went to this URL => https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=language%3ALua&type=Repositories&ref=searchresults
16:45:23  <Uniaika>and Luvit was ranked 6th
16:46:30  <creationix>nice
16:50:05  <Uniaika>creationix: https://github.com/luvit/lit/pull/138
16:50:06  <Uniaika>:)
17:10:18  <Uniaika>creationix: I'm now trying to build luvit while avoiding using an unexisting binary :p
17:16:05  <Uniaika>wait, is it trying to bootstrap luvit to install itself?
17:27:41  <creationix>Uniaika: to build luvit, just use your
17:28:54  <Uniaika>luvi?
17:28:56  <Uniaika>yeah
17:29:30  <creationix>use `lit make path/to/luvitdir path/to/target path/to/luvi
17:29:51  <creationix>I should find a way to make this easier
17:30:56  <Uniaika>success
17:30:57  <Uniaika>\o/
17:31:34  <creationix>maybe we should add named arg support
17:31:48  <creationix>something like --custom_luvi=/path/to/luvi
17:32:15  <creationix>you should be able to store your custom luvi in the local luvi cache too
17:32:58  <creationix>it's in ~/.litdb.git/cache/SOMEHASH/luvi
17:34:05  <creationix>the hash is based on what the download url would be https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/libs/core.lua#L190
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17:45:52  <Uniaika>okay, thanks for the tip!
17:49:09  <Uniaika>creationix: okay now I can teach my 10 yo brother Lua and Luvit :)
17:49:25  <creationix>awesome
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17:59:42  <Uniaika>creationix: I am used to write concurrential programs, with the Erlang virtual machine, so Luvit is an awesome opportunity for me!
18:35:51  <Uniaika>creationix: named arg support would be useful to specify a custom SSH key when doing `lit auth` :)
18:36:54  <creationix>Uniaika: I think you can do that via the config file
18:37:05  <Uniaika>hmm, nice
18:37:15  * SkyRocknRollquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:37:32  <creationix>hmm, nope. I should add that https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/ca24ebaf65b1a59dc87ea323e125804c96ad22ff/commands/auth.lua#L54
18:37:48  <creationix>it does have to be rsa though, I don't think I can support dsa keys
18:38:19  <Uniaika>creationix: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/5096/rsa-vs-dsa-for-ssh-authentication-keys
18:38:54  <Uniaika>But I saved the killer argument for the end: man ssh-keygen says that a DSA key has to be exactly 1024 bits long to be compliant with NIST's FIPS 186-2. So although in theory longer DSA keys are possible (FIPS 186-3 also explicitly allows them) you are still restricted to 1024 bits. And if you take the considerations of this [article], we are no longer secure with 1024 bits for either RSA or DSA.
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19:50:17  <Uniaika>creationix: I'm having a lot of fun adding features to lit!
19:50:26  <creationix>thanks
19:50:33  <creationix>I'm glad it's enjoyable
19:51:29  <Uniaika>creationix: right now I'm also generating a README.md, a config/ and lib/ folder, and I should come up with a configuration system during the week
19:55:05  <creationix>ok, I was right the first time, set `privateKey` to the path of your RSA key in .litconfig
19:55:20  <creationix>it defaults to $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa, but is easy to customize
19:59:40  <Uniaika>yay
20:31:22  * estranhoquit (Quit: leaving)
21:21:39  <Uniaika>creationix: are you here?
21:24:08  <Uniaika>creationix: https://github.com/luvit/lit/compare/master...Annwenn:master
21:25:01  <Uniaika>(I feel like the replace_vars function is way more intuitive to use/parse)
21:35:58  * Uniaikais now going to bed.
21:36:00  <Uniaika>night!
21:40:08  * Uniaikaquit (Quit: [error] systemd-irssid: KDBus Timeout.)
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