00:00:01  <Sochiro>daurnimator does it have good lua bindings?
00:00:04  <daurnimator>yes
00:00:12  * Sochirolooks it up
00:00:16  <Sochiro>daurnimator thanks :D
00:00:27  <daurnimator>http://matthewwild.co.uk/projects/luaexpat/ is the fork to use
00:01:11  <Sochiro>awesome :)
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09:50:29  <sousoux>good morning
09:50:42  <sousoux>FYI lit.luvit.io is down
09:50:58  <sousoux>502 Bad Gateway
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13:24:10  <rphillips>good morning
13:24:20  <rphillips>sousoux: tim should be back today to get that fixed
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14:41:15  <sousoux>rphillips: thanks
14:45:42  <creationix>hmm, lit.luvit.io is still down
14:45:47  <creationix>rphillips: when did that start?
14:46:14  <rphillips>day or two ago
14:47:49  <creationix>strange, it’s just hanging in epoll wait
14:49:08  <creationix>well, restarting the process fixed it
14:49:24  <creationix>perhaps we should coufigure a remote poller on that service ;)
14:51:43  <rphillips>:)
14:55:38  <creationix>rphillips: you can always text or call me if you want something fixed quick btw
14:56:17  <rphillips>thanks
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15:23:34  <creationix>alright github notification zero! (the new inbox zero)
15:25:17  <rphillips>lol
15:26:59  <creationix>hmm, luvit.io was also down, weird
15:45:22  <creationix>Stepets1: what is redis-lua? You mentioned it works with just luajit which tells me it doesn’t use libuv at all
15:46:18  <creationix>if it’s this one https://github.com/nrk/redis-lua, that uses lua-socket which has been know to cause issues with luvit
15:46:59  <creationix>See also https://github.com/luvit/luvit/issues/805
15:49:54  <creationix>I wonder how hard it would be to make a lua-socket style API using luvit APIs?
15:50:05  <creationix>that would help port projects that use lua-socket to work in luvit
16:00:19  <creationix>daurnimator: do you think having luv on luarocks would help useful. I have one on there, but I’m pretty sure it’s broken
16:00:29  <creationix>I’ve never used luarocks much so I’m not sure where to start
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16:23:35  <Stepets1>>(06:49:53 PM) creationix: I wonder how hard it would be to make a lua-socket style API using luvit APIs?
16:23:35  <Stepets1>i'll try investigate it on spare time
16:23:45  <creationix>great
16:24:08  <creationix>Stepets1: I assume luasocket is coroutine based (or at least blocking). We can do that using coroutines to wrap liuv’s callback nature
16:24:17  <creationix>that’s how I use libuv in lit and related code
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23:46:17  <daurnimator>creationix: helpful for what? :P
23:46:25  <daurnimator>creationix: you should though
23:47:09  <creationix>daurnimator: my thinking is most lua users can’t swallow the concentions in luvit, but many are looking for a cross-platform layer like libuv
23:51:19  <daurnimator>I agree
23:51:29  <daurnimator>I personally don't think luvit is a good idea in general
23:51:53  <daurnimator>there's too many slightly incompatible lua 'distros' out there
23:52:25  <creationix>right, luvit is not a good fit for most lua users
23:52:35  <creationix>but the few who use it love it
23:52:46  <creationix>that’s why luvit 2.0 has so many layers that can be used independenctly
23:53:30  <creationix>I just get so frustrated wvery time I try to publish anything to luarocks
23:53:33  <daurnimator>creationix: IMO you should slowly try make it possible to use a standard lua interpreter.
23:53:42  <creationix>I’m working no that
23:53:50  <daurnimator>creationix: what gets you frustrated?
23:53:50  <creationix>luv already supports lua 6.3
23:54:04  <creationix>the website is weird and has strange caches
23:54:11  <creationix>the package format is foreign to me
23:54:25  <creationix>I don’t have lua background, I learned lua when I made luvit
23:54:40  <daurnimator>the website does have a cache; but only on the bits that are meant to be immutable
23:55:05  <daurnimator>if you try and change something that's meant to be immutable (i.e. a rockspec); expect it to take a day or so to propagate
23:55:06  <creationix>and my git submodule strategy for deps doesn’t jive well with luarocks
23:55:31  <creationix>but I’ve worked around that with the release tarball I think
23:55:51  <creationix>C is not my background either, so build systems in general frustrate me
23:56:02  <creationix>I’ve used interpreted languages since the 80’s mostly
23:56:06  <daurnimator>submodules are always a nightmare ;P
23:56:19  <daurnimator>I think I told you ages ago to switch over to subtrees already :)
23:56:43  <creationix>nope, I’ve got my reasons to use submodules
23:57:03  <creationix>mostly I want to keep my git history clean and dry
23:57:32  <daurnimator>thats part of the reason why I use subtrees... submodules are messy as hell
23:57:46  <creationix>anyway, I’m willing to publish a tarball for every release that has libuv statically included
23:58:00  <creationix>and luarocks seems to support cmake, so it should just work
23:58:04  <creationix>but I always hit issues
23:58:13  <daurnimator>that'll be okay for windows; but I think a static libuv works well on linux?
23:58:20  <daurnimator>*don't think
23:58:35  <creationix>why not, most users of libuv still include is statically
23:58:40  <creationix>node being the main user
23:59:01  <creationix>of course node is like luvit and includes everything statically including openssl, zlib, v8, cares, etc
23:59:25  <daurnimator>static openssl scares the shit out of me
23:59:27  <creationix>also libuv still moves too fast to be usable in distro repos if they even have it
23:59:47  <creationix>well, so far luvit updates openssl patches within a day usually
23:59:53  <creationix>so much faster than the distros usually