00:01:00  <rphillips>creationix: fixed it
00:01:12  <rphillips>just needed a add_definitions
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00:20:57  <creationix>rphillips: nice
00:21:04  * creationixgoes to test on windows 10 with VS 2015
00:27:38  <creationix>hmm, libuv doesn't build there
00:37:31  <creationix>but it does build on win 10 / vs 2015 using the official gyp build scripts
00:37:35  <creationix>I guess we need to fix it sometime
00:52:05  <daurnimator>anyway, the reason I joined this channel was to inform you guys about https://github.com/daurnimator/lua-http
00:52:27  <daurnimator>I'm trying to write a better lua http library; usable in any lua ecosystem
00:53:33  <rphillips>nice. http2 support
00:53:47  <daurnimator>rphillips: I'm only commiting things as their interfaces solidify
00:53:57  <daurnimator>so there's much uncommited right now
00:54:27  <rphillips>cqueues does not support windows :/
00:54:38  <daurnimator>rphillips: it does not; but I'm working on that :)
00:54:48  <rphillips>sweet
00:55:10  <daurnimator>IMO cqueues is one of the best event libraries out there (sorry libuv)
00:56:02  <daurnimator>but a good thing is that it works well with others => as you can see in the luv/examples folder, you can use a cqueues library from a libuv mainloop (and vice versa)
00:57:01  <rphillips>slick
00:57:30  <daurnimator>rphillips: did you ever give those examples a run? :)
00:57:39  <rphillips>never did... i had forgotten about them
01:17:00  <daurnimator>anyway, so would luvit be interested in using portions of lua-http?
01:17:18  <rphillips>quite possibly
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14:04:12  <rphillips>reminder i'm taking today off
14:04:16  <rphillips>morning though :)
14:15:59  <creationix>rphillips: have fun
14:17:20  <rphillips>Bunch of meetings for my son. Not going to be fun.
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16:31:52  <kostco>morning folks
16:35:29  <creationix>kostco: morning
16:35:46  <creationix>Ryan is out today
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17:22:59  <kostco>indeed, ah the joys of parenthood
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17:48:48  <[zzz]>is there a native audio api or module for luvit?
17:48:51  * [zzz]changed nick to Something12
17:51:38  <creationix>Something12: not that I know of
17:51:44  <creationix>which platform?
17:51:56  <creationix>https://luvit.io/lit.html#audio
17:52:32  <Something12>windows. and that search returns nothing
17:52:43  <creationix>right, I don't think there is anything
17:52:58  <creationix>you'll likely have to write native addons in C to get audio on windows
17:53:08  <creationix>there is the luajit ffi though
17:53:27  <creationix>http://wiki.luajit.org/FFI-Bindings#Audio-&-Video
17:56:24  <creationix>Something12: I can't find ffi bindings for any windows APIs, but if you have the windows API docs, the luajit ffi should be able to use them
17:56:55  <Something12>how would I use stuff like this https://gist.github.com/daurnimator/1284679/5df73d6f2ba90e79ee367762e697a57d2106e898
17:57:33  <creationix>that particular one will work out of the box with luvit
17:57:40  <creationix>the only require is "ffi" which works the same here
17:57:56  <creationix>the biggest issue with most existing ffi libraries is require works different than normal lua
17:58:07  <creationix>you will need to install openal on your box though, it's not part of windows
17:58:21  <creationix>or at least include OpenAL32.dll with your app
17:58:40  <creationix>using luvit's module:action, you can even pack the dll in a luvi app inside the zip
17:58:46  <creationix>for a single-file luvit-based binary
17:59:28  <creationix>you'll also want to include those two headers files. You can use module:load to do a relative file load
18:00:04  <creationix>here is an example of using module:load and module:action to make an ffi binding for luvit / luvi https://github.com/creationix/lit-gamepad/blob/master/init.lua
18:00:09  <Something12>How do FFI bindings work anyways? Never used them before. Looking through that script and it doesn't looks like it has any API I can call to perform audio operations
18:01:59  <creationix>ffi lets you run functions in a dll/so directly from lua
18:02:14  <creationix>you just need to tell luajit where to find the shared library and the relevent headers
18:08:38  <Something12>so I can just search up a standard OpenAL doc on the web and use those API calls?
18:10:28  <creationix>Something12: yep
18:10:40  <creationix>http://luajit.org/ext_ffi_tutorial.html
18:10:40  <Something12>sweet, thanks a lot for your help
18:11:07  <creationix>Like I said, the main luvit specific thing is the module system
18:11:21  <creationix>we have super useful tools like module:action and module:load and our require is different
18:12:32  <creationix>module:action(relativePath, ffi.load) will load a dll/so using paths relative to your script
18:12:49  <creationix>and module:load(relativePath) will load a file as a string relative to calling script
18:19:07  <creationix>Something12: I wrote up some docs in case you get stuck https://github.com/luvit/lit/wiki/Publishing-Compiled-Code#luajit-ffi-bindings
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18:19:57  <Something12>I've never met someone this helpful as you in my life.
18:23:00  <creationix>sorry, moved it https://github.com/luvit/lit/wiki/Publishing-Compiled-Code#loading-bundled-ffi-libraries
18:23:13  <creationix>Something12: thanks. I feel bad for the general lack of docs and try to help
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19:25:47  <rphillips>hey. 1/2 appointments done
19:25:51  <rphillips>creationix: how's it going?
19:26:02  <creationix>good, I went ahead and merged the rex pr
19:27:34  <rphillips>nice
20:52:53  <kostco>rphillips: im merging all my prs, tim reviewed the ones you didnt get to, cept the autoupdates check you did review. Made the suggested changes but i think i might pull it into its own hostinfo check cos currently it tragically breaks shanes info viz stuff (kibana cant go more than one level deep into objects, so packages.pkg.name wont fly) But maybe i can
20:52:53  <kostco>do something to his python script instead.
20:52:53  <kostco>So yea, ill just let it chill in the open pr bucket for a while.
20:52:53  <kostco>Have fun parenting!
21:00:08  <rphillips>kostco: sounds good
21:00:22  <rphillips>thanks for doing all that
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23:29:31  <daurnimator>Something12: heh, that's an old gist of mine. how did you find it?
23:29:48  <Something12>google
23:30:50  <daurnimator>at least pre 2011
23:32:44  <daurnimator>Something12: I continued work on them a bit at https://github.com/daurnimator/openal-lua-ffi
23:33:05  <daurnimator>but I consider the project pretty dead
23:34:39  <Something12>eh, I just need something that can play audio in lua with seemless playback, volume adjustment, and parallel playback support
23:35:03  <daurnimator>Something12: heh.. it took me ~7 years to get that
23:37:21  <daurnimator>but yeah; openal was the best I found
23:37:29  <daurnimator>pity it was discontinued on windows :(
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