00:02:32  <rje>yay, 2.1.2
00:04:53  <rje>rphillips, virgo update service time?
00:05:27  <rphillips>we will still need to write a script
00:05:41  <rphillips>to update the agents
00:05:52  <rje>what does it need to run?
00:06:34  <rphillips>https://github.com/racker/ele/blob/master/dev-bin/ele-agent-upgrade
00:06:49  <rphillips>we may want to extend this out to include the entity id
00:08:06  <rje>carp, now you tell me
00:08:29  <rphillips>better yet, we may want to have this read the csv file
00:09:59  <rje>kinda meh on that as the csv file isn't fixed. i like the entity ids
00:10:18  <rje>we can do account and agent ids
00:10:30  <rje>then maybe the csv is ok
00:10:49  <rje>the agentid is unique per account right?
00:10:58  <rphillips>true
00:13:17  <rje>this requires some thought
00:25:18  <rje>rphillips, while IFS=, read col1 col2 ; do echo ele-agent-upgrade --account-id $col1 --agent-id $col2 ; done < ~/Downloads/AffectedAgents3-maasless.csv
00:26:00  <rphillips>that would do it
00:26:53  <rje>i need to set the versions on all the channels to 2.1.2 right? http://agent0.ord1.prod.cm.k1k.me:54545/#/
00:27:38  <rphillips>woops
00:27:42  <rphillips>yes, i just started that
00:27:52  <rje>cool
00:28:15  <rje>do you want to run it?
00:28:23  <rje>i sent you the csv
00:28:50  <rphillips>sure.
00:28:59  <rje>er remove the echo, add in the kakkazi
00:29:16  <rje>er, you know what i mena
00:33:18  <rphillips>rje: err, those are internal account IDs
00:35:34  <rje>rphillips, hmmm, i don't have other account ids
00:38:24  <rphillips>rje: i'll send an email
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17:14:41  <kostco>creationix: do you think itd be worthwhile having a fs.readline function? Its a fairly common use case for an fs lib in node ime
17:15:08  <kostco>i can implement the code from your gist, add a test and example if you think itd be a good idea
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18:15:00  <rje>rphillips, creationix: regarding the sigar.dll on the older 2.0 versions of the agent. if we are going to leave the dll extract code inplace, we need something to clean up the old temps. shall i write an issue?
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18:36:15  <rphillips>tmp directories should get wiped automatically
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19:10:24  <tbranyen>hey ya'll, trying to find the source code for the luvit website
19:10:36  <tbranyen>noticed the example doesn't work for the http server, but the one in the examples folder does
19:10:56  <tbranyen>was going to replace it so that new users don't bang their head against their desk wondering why the server isn't responding with anything
19:11:46  <tbranyen>maybe because of the content-length header not being sent?
19:18:52  <rje>rphillips, i don't believe the temp dirs do
19:19:11  <rje>rphillips, this got lost https://github.com/virgo-agent-toolkit/rackspace-monitoring-agent/pull/775
19:19:28  <rphillips>odd
19:44:56  <rje>rphillips, what's odd?
19:45:27  <rphillips>that it got lost
19:46:13  <rje>yeah, -d still worked but the config file option did not
19:52:44  <rje>rphillips, any reason to release another version before we run the upgrade?
20:01:45  <rphillips>well.. i don't like this bug
20:01:51  <rphillips>but we should probably run the script
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20:36:10  <rje>rphillips, pm'd if you have a sec
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